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ISPN-9621 Marshallers separated into Persistence and Internal marshaller.

PersistenceMarshaller created based upon ProtoStream. Internal

persistence classes are marshalled using the protostream marshallers

and schema generated by protostream-processor.

The GlobalMarshaller still utilises the same IDs as before for

marshalling internal classes between nodes, but delegates to the

persistence marshaller for marshalling persistence and user classes.

ISPN-7409 user objects are marshalled via the marshaller specified in

SerializationConfiguration and the resulting bytes are wrapped in a

UserObject message. The default marshaller is the JBossMarshaller

with just the user configured external externalizers loaded.

ISPN-9624 StreamingMarshaller interface has been deprecated for external use and

has been replaced with the simplified StreamAwareMarshaller interface.

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ISPN-9246 DataContainer should be in a public package

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ISPN-10137 Replace component metadata files with generated classes

* Move component annotations to module component-annotations

* Generate accessor classes with annotation processor

* Deprecate ComponentMetadataRepo, replace with ModuleRepository

* Delete component metadata persister

* Require lifecycle with @InfinispanModule in each module

* ModuleLifecycle is no longer a service

* Require @Scope for injection and lifecycle

* Require @MBean for managed attributes or operations

* @Scope and @MBean are inherited (only from classes)

* Require duplicate @SurvivesRestarts on subclasses

* Annotated classes, fields, and methods must be package-private

* Anonymous classes are not supported

* Deprecate lifecycle method priorities

* Test module can register components via global configuration

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ISPN-8985 Dynamically use latest schema version in tests

- Remove unsued files

- Remove schema info so that they are always "fresh"

- Use resource filtering for test configs in server

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ISPN-8865 Move AdvancedCacheLoader over to using Publisher instead of process

* Convert LuceneCacheLoader

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ISPN-8313 Remove references to deprecated StoreAsBinaryConfiguration

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ISPN-8308 Remove references to deprecated EvictionConfiguration

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ISPN-8277 Fix and re-enable InfinispanDirectoryIOTest.testReadChunks

ISPN-8168 Index corruption with topology changes

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ISPN-8169 DirectoryImplementerTests.testConfigureAsyncDeletes random failures

ISPN-8169 DirectoryImplementerTests.testConfigureAsyncDeletes random failures

ISPN-8169 DirectoryImplementerTests.testConfigureAsyncDeletes random failures

ISPN-8106 Remove unused imports

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Bump schemas to 9.2

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ISPN-4065 Refuse to store an index on an ASYNC Cache

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ISPN-4065 Refuse to store an index on an ASYNC Cache

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ISPN-4065 Refuse to store an index on an ASYNC Cache

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ISPN-7753 Compute ComputeIfPresent ComputeIfAbsent

ConcurrentMap methods implemented in the infinispan way

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ISPN-7847 Deprecate DeltaAware

* DeltaAware, CopyableDeltaAware, Delta, DeltaCompositeKey deprecated

* AdvancedCache.applyDelta deprecated, CacheImpl.applyDelta reimplemented using ReadWriteKeyValueCommand, permits to lock only on the main key

* ApplyDeltaCommand and Visitor.visitApplyDeltaCommand deprecated (implementation removed)

* DeltaAwareCacheEntry, DeltaAwareObjectOutput and some internal helpers removed

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Bump versions and schemas to 9.1

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Replace PerCacheInboundInvocationHandler using helper method from TestingUtil

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ISPN-7066 Fix all tests which assume that retrieving a non-existent named cache will create it with the default configuration

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ISPN-6906 New marshaller w/ manual encoding

* Global marshaller now deals directly with all possible marshallable

types: null, primitives, internal externalizers, external

externalizers. If type does not fit into any of this, it's considered

unknown and pass to an external marshaller.

* Marshalling happens directly into a byte[] since that's the main

expected type by other layers, but this might change in the future as

off-heap and optimizations are done for other consumers.

* Simplified reading in CacheRpcCommandExternalizer to avoid wrapping

ObjectInput in an InputStream. Simply read of the given ObjectInput.

Same optimization has been applied at write time.

* Added null object handling in buffer size predictor since it makes

client code less complicated.

* Added white-list checking of classes that are expected to be

marshalled internally. This check is an assert and hence should not

be enabled at runtime.

* Deleted SharedStreammultimarshallertest since the use case is no

longer needed as a result of removing the separation between global

and cache marshaller (ISPN-6905).

* The new marshaller does not have an instance cache although one can be

provided for specific types by extending

InstanceReusingAdvancedExternalizer. As a result of not having a

default instance cache, when retrieving the entries to send as part of

the listener state, half of those entries come from a different node

when owners=1. With all these entries referencing GODZILLA byte[], the

old JBMAR marshaller was detecting a shared instance and reusing

it. The new marshaller does not do this by default and hence treats

each byte[] differently and the test blows.

* This circumstance is artificial and don't think it tends to happen in

real life, so the best option I found is to convert test to using

replicated caches and avoid the intra-cluster marshalling issue.

* Besides, this test's objective is not to stress the intra-cluster

marshalling layer, but how the client/server network layer handles big

object, which it remains intact.

* The external marshaller configurable.

* Removed ExternalizerTable

* Cleanup unusued internal externalizers

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ISPN-7109 Merge LocalFlagAffectedCommand and FlagAffectedCommand

* remove uses of FlagAffectedCommand and then rename LocalFlagAffectedCommand to FlagAffectedCommand

* don't implement MetadataAwareCommand where it does not make sense

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ISPN-5683 Organized imports

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ISPN-6856 Replace @Before/AfterTest with @Before/AfterClass

* AbstractInfinispanTest uses @Before/AfterClass to setup tracked resources (to wrap each instance of test), inheriting classes have to follow

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ISPN-6803 Pre-compute bitsets for each flag

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ISPN-6803 Pre-compute bitsets for each flag

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ISPN-6803 Pre-compute bitsets for each flag

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ISPN-6297 Moved ConcurrentHashSet to commons

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