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ISPN-11370 Move some classes/methods to commons-test

* Move TestResourceTracker

* Move Exceptions, ThrowableSupplier and ExceptionRunnable

* Move some methods from TestingUtil

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ISPN-1004 backport fixed to use correct method overriding

ISPN-11004 SQL server exception purging data

ISPN-11004 SQL server exception purging data

ISPN-11004 SQL server exception purging data

ISPN-1103 Remove deprecated Persistence SPI methods and interfaces

- Remove SegmentedAdvancedLoadWriteStore default methods

- Remove redundant StreamingMarshallerBridge

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ISPN-10881 Deprecate allowDuplicateDomains

* Change the default to false

* Set explicit domain names in all the tests that enable statistics

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ISPN-10870 Rename schemas and update configurations for 10.1

* Update namespace names

* Add 10.1 test configuration

* Update schema URLs to

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ISPN-10814 Large Objects may not be used in auto-commit mode

Changed fields visibilty to make possible wrap this test into jdg-functional-test project

ISPN-10809 Cache with empty persistence configuration not rendered in JSON

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ISPN-10790 JDBCTableManipulation config is not validated

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ISPN-10778 Change stores to be segmented by default

* Convert DummyInMemoryStore to be segmented

ISPN-10780 A shared store should not allow purge on startup

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ISPN-10744 Remove deprecated DataContainer methods

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ISPN-10558 ServerNG add database rules

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ISPN-10757 CLI enhancements

* Add manual pages for all commands using asciidoc

* Expiration for put

* Replace the ___protobuf_metadata cache with a schemas resource

* Add query options to tune offset and returned results

* Counter suppport (add,inc,dec,describe)

* Describe works for cache keys

* Implement reading batch statements from stdin

* Fix connection to TLS-enabled servers

* XSite operations

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ISPN-10018 Coarse-grained logging categories


* Send all messages with log level >= INFO to the above

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ISPN-10685 Align filesystem layout of the file-stores

* All file-stores will use the GlobalState persistentLocation

* All file-stores can now use the same location for multiple caches without risking conflicts

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ISPN-10591 Make Protostream the default marshaller for user types

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ISPN-10464 Remove RSVP protocol from JGroups configurations

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ISPN-10456 Remove ExternalPojo and ExternallyMarshallable

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ISPN-10520 Move org.infinispan.Version to org.infinispan.commons.util.Version

* Also remove the main-class entry that pointed to the Version class from all manifests

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ISPN-10451 JDBC store segment-column not serialized and not in schema

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ISPN-10345 Remove jboss-marshalling dependency from commons and core.

Default user marshaller is now JavaSerializationMarshaller.

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ISPN-10430 Fix test suite thread leak error

ISPN-10161 Fix AbstractStringBasedCacheStore leak

ISPN-9657 Avoid split packages

* Export more specific packages

* Move counter Utils to impl package

* Move JDBC UnitTestDatabaseManager from fwk package

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ISPN-9723 Passivation and Activation needs to be non blocking

* CacheLoading is now non blocking

* WriteSkew with loader non blocking

* Eviction and notifications is non blocking

* Explicit evict command is non blocking

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ISPN-10348 Migrate JDBC String based Cache Store from jdg-functional-tests to upstream