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ISPN-11503 Export Rolling Upgrade operations via REST

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ISPN-11503 Export Rolling Upgrade operations via REST

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ISPN-10870 Rename schemas and update configurations for 10.1

* Update namespace names

* Add 10.1 test configuration

* Update schema URLs to

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ISPN-10638 Remove HR client deprecations

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ISPN-10234 Remove SingletonCacheWriter

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ISPN-9949 Removed the implicit default cache

* All tests now use a default cache named with the test's short name

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ISPN-10097 Remove unused "start" attribute from server config

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ISPN-8985 Dynamically use latest schema version in tests

- Remove unsued files

- Remove schema info so that they are always "fresh"

- Use resource filtering for test configs in server

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ISPN-8619 Rewrite Hot Rod client using Netty

* New implementation of ChannelPool that does not enforce writing

to the channel in event loop thread (but later on in Netty the write is

delegated to event loop ATM)

* Replaced monitor-based lock with read-write lock, and removed some

locking when we don't use balancing; maybe the locking is still


* Removed Apache Commons Pool

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Bump schemas to 9.2

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ISPN-7868 Add encryption and authentication support to the Remote Store

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Bump versions and schemas to 9.1

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ISPN-6654 Drop removed attributes from write-behind element

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ISPN-6400 Bump parsers and schemas to 9.0

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8.0 Version Bump

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ISPN-5243 Configuration Value wrappers

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ISPN-5201 Bump versions, parsers and schemas to 7.2.x

Set release name

Upgrade components: JGroups 3.6.2, Netty 4.0.25, Hibernate 4.3.8, Scala 2.11.5

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ISPN-4961 Bump parsers and schemas to 7.1

- Altered org.infinispan.Version to retrieve the version using


- Improved SampleConfigFilesCorrectnessTest so that it accepts only

files with the latest schema

- Altered the documentation so that the version is dynamically replaced

- The Soft-Index File Store schema namespace was missing the "store" path

element. Added it for symmetry with all other store schemas.

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ISPN-3514 Align XML configuration between Server and Embedded

* The objective is for server configuration to be readable by embedded

and viceversa.

* Those elements that are not relevant for embedded configuration are

ignored and highlighted with an INFO message.

* All configuration affecting test results has been adjusted.

* This commit does not include changes to demos, documentation or

schema files. This will come later, once the XML has been fully agreed.

* If there's any testing XML that has not been converted, it's because

it's not being tested at all, it should be removed in the cleanup phase.

* During the cleanup phase, all unused attributes/elements and parsers

will be removed.

* The XML in general follows the pattern used by server which means

that there are some noticeable changes to the way embedded XML is


* Cache mode is now part of the cache definition, i.e. local-cache,


* Default cache is now specified at the cache container level, naming


* Shutdown hook now configured as an attribute of cache instead of

a separate element.

* X-Site local site derived from transport's site-id, instead of adding

yet another xml configuration option.

* Compatibility mode drops enabled attribute, element being present

enables it.

* Same thing happens with versioning, element being present enables it.

* Deadlock detection's spin duration used to enable/disable it. If

configured with a value below 0, it's disabled.

* unsafe.unreliableReturnValues is now configured via an attribute

instead of a separate element.

* store-as-binary is disabled by making sure keys and values are both

set to false.

* L1 is disabled by making its lifespan -1.

* Replication queue configured via cache level attributes, and it's

disabled by making the queue size negative.

* Simplified thread pool configuration by avoiding to leak XML

configuration details into programmatic API. In the programmatic

version, just provide factories.

* Fixed thread pool injection in server.

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ISPN-3478 Polish CS API revamp

* use consistent naming

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