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ISPN-10685 Align filesystem layout of the file-stores

* All file-stores will use the GlobalState persistentLocation

* All file-stores can now use the same location for multiple caches without risking conflicts

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ISPN-10639 Remove unused log message methods

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ISPN-10460 Remove NestedAttributeSerializer

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ISPN-10281 Correctly implement path relative-to

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ISPN-10234 Remove SingletonCacheWriter

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ISPN-10026 Deprecate ConcurrentHashSet

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ISPN-8192 Deprecate CollectionFactory

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ISPN-9884 SoftIndexFileStore.destroy leaks threads

ISPN-9884 SoftIndexFileStore.destroy leaks threads

ISPN-9845 Stop exposing InternalMetadata via the persistence SPI

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ISPN-9771 Support for configuration in JSON format

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ISPN-9846 Ensure Backwards Compatibility with Persistence SPI changes

Rename persistence.spi.MarshalledEntry to MarshallableEntry

MarshalledEntry and MarshalledEntryFactory methods in the spi deprecated

and default methods added for backwards-compatibility.

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ISPN-4806 Add soft-index-file-store to the server

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ISPN-9679 Move property replacement to the XMLStreamReader

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ISPN-9693 Move MarshalledEntry and MarshalledEntryFactory to the persistence spi package

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ISPN-9602 Use statically created empty byte array everywhere

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ISPN-9209 Move TimeService to infinispan-commons

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ISPN-9621 Marshallers separated into Persistence and Internal marshaller.

PersistenceMarshaller created based upon ProtoStream. Internal

persistence classes are marshalled using the protostream marshallers

and schema generated by protostream-processor.

The GlobalMarshaller still utilises the same IDs as before for

marshalling internal classes between nodes, but delegates to the

persistence marshaller for marshalling persistence and user classes.

ISPN-7409 user objects are marshalled via the marshaller specified in

SerializationConfiguration and the resulting bytes are wrapped in a

UserObject message. The default marshaller is the JBossMarshaller

with just the user configured external externalizers loaded.

ISPN-9624 StreamingMarshaller interface has been deprecated for external use and

has been replaced with the simplified StreamAwareMarshaller interface.

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ISPN-9348 Remove anonymous inner classes in lambdas for stores

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ISPN-6677 SoftIndexFileStore isAvailable Impl

ISPN-9110 StoreMigrator SoftIndexFileStore support added

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ISPN-8952 Support wildcard parsers

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ISPN-8880 SoftIndexFileStore process returns nothing when fetchValues is false

* Use placeholder byte[] to signify presence

ISPN-8912 SoftIndexFileStore does not fail gracefully if max node size exceeds 32777

* validate the configuration

* use shorts where the value should be limited to short

* use i18d logging

* minor code cleanup based on IDE suggestions

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ISPN-8905 Segment-aware non-shared cache stores

* Initial segmented store support

* Convert all non shared stores to support segmented

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ISPN-8865 Move AdvancedCacheLoader over to using Publisher instead of process

* Convert SoftIndexFileStore

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ISPN-8701 IndexOutOfBoundsException in SIFS during shutdown

ISPN-8701 IndexOutOfBoundsException in SIFS during shutdown

Drop references to Equivalence (deprecated)

ISPN-8251 Replace anonymous classes with lambdas