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ISPN-12191 Remove GSON

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ISPN-11790 Deprecate CacheQuery

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ISPN-10663 ISPN-10663 TypeIds in query.proto do not match those allocated in ProtoStreamTypeIds

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ISPN-10591 SerializationContextRegitry now only exposes ImmutableSerializationContextRegistry to ensure that the underlying SerializationContext instances are updated atomically.

Furthermore, the Remote-query context is now separate to the Global and

Persistence contexts as it requires a different configuration which is

not applicable outside of the query context. Consequently, proto files

have to be added to the SerializationContextRegistry by the


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ISPN-10643 Protostream 4.3.0.Alpha12

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ISPN-10504 Deprecate ProtostreamSerializationContextInitializer in favour of SerializationContextInitializer

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ISPN-9623 Move BaseProtoStreamMarshaller to commons as concrete ProtoStreamMarshaller

org.infinispan.client.hotrod.marshall.ProtoStreamMarshaller deprecated

in favour of the commons ProtostreamMarshaller and


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Fix type name for QueryRequest.indexedQueryMode

ISPN-9864 Move non-API classes from org.infinispan.query.remote.client to org.infinispan.query.remote.client.impl package

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ISPN-9862 Split org.infinispan.query.remote.client.MarshallerRegistration.registerMarshallers

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ISPN-9654 Upgrade to protostream-4.2.2.Final

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ISPN-9602 Use statically created empty byte array everywhere

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ISPN-9583 KeyTransformationHandler should be a component and should have a reference to the cache's classloader

* QueryInterceptor is not longer a global holder for SearchIntegrator and KeyTransformationHandler from which other

parties get these components

* remove declared but unthrown exceptions from QueryInterceptor, TxQueryInterceptor and ProtobufMetadataManagerInterceptor

* make private or at least package local everything we can in the query interceptors

* DistributedExecutorMassIndexer and IndexUpdater now get their dependecies in constructor rather than looking them up

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ISPN-9408 Support for query results in different formats in Hot Rod

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Extend BaseProtoStreamMarshallerTest for byte, short, char

Extend BaseProtoStreamMarshallerTest for byte, short, char

ISPN-9180 Remote compat mode from remote query

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ISPN-9181 ISPN-9184 Remove compat mode from Remote Listeners and Remote Iterator

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Add more primitive types to BaseProtoStreamMarshallerTest

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Fix protobuf marshallers to declare the exact Class in getJavaClass() without wildcards

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ISPN-7420 Hot Rod enhancements for transcoding

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Formatting fixes

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ISPN-6395 Add broadcast query support for Hot Rod

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A bit of query proto model cleanup

A bit of query proto model cleanup

Fix ProtobufMetadataManagerMBean javadoc

ISPN-8064 Clean up public API javadocs

- remove @public doclet from scripting, cdi commons, rest internals, etc

- include rocskdb and soft-index in javadocs

- consistent naming of Hot Rod

- better grouping of correlated javadocs

- minor cleanups

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Fix ProtobufMetadataManagerMBean javadoc

ISPN-7339 Fix Ickle's support for named parameters

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Improve continuous query javadoc

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