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ISPN-10523 ServerNG parse XML elements in schema order

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ISPN-10439 Add builders to endpoints * Test full server configuration * Fix server-ng REST parsing * Implement sni parsing for REST * Fixed SASL QOP and Strength parsing * Removed deprecated attributes from XSD * Removed 'auth-method' from REST schema in favour of 'mechanisms'

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ISPN-10470 Add builders to server-ng * Add missing elements to XSD * Add builders for socket-bindings, interfaces and security * JSON serialization

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ISPN-10461 Do not create a SSLContext when a security realm has no identity

* Individual protocol endpoints can have dedicated realms only with dedicated bindings

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ISPN-10450 Improve the initial ServerNG experience

* Localizable help messages for server and user-tool

* Stack selection via the command-line (-j)

* Port binding via the command-line (-p)

* Make default configuration (infinispan.xml) clustered

* Add non-clustered configuration infinispan-local.xml

* Disable TLS/keystore and memcached connector in default config

* Refactor shells scripts extracting common logic to

* Ensure that it is possible to start the server from paths with spaces

* Add a file to get users started

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ISPN-9944 ServerNG Security

* Use Elytron for implementing the security realms

* Properties, LDAP, Kerberos, OAuth realms

* TLS, KeyStore and TrustStore

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ISPN-9983 Rename infinispan-server-server artifact to infinispan-server-runtime

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