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ISPN-5683 Removed whitespaces at the end of the lines

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ISPN-6950: Errors thrown with timestamp index in H2.

ISPN-5683 Fix some checkstyle violations

* no empty statements

* no StringBufer usages

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ISPN-5683 Fix checkstyle violations for imports

ISPN-5683 Organized imports

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Fix misleading javadoc

Fix misleading javadoc

Updated Google Analytics code

ISPN-7097 FlagsReplicationTest fails randomly

Use suspend/resume transactions rather than separate threads

Log DC removal

ISPN-1947 Automate closing staging repository

ISPN-4390 Realigned with ConcurrentHashMap from the JSR-166 repository

- jsr166/src/jdk8/java/util/concurrent/ 1.3

- factor out all inner classes/interfaces from BECHMV8

- refactor access to the Unsafe instace

- extract the package-level logic from ThreadLocalRandom

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'Release Script: update versions for 8.2.5-SNAPSHOT'

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'Release Script: update versions for 8.2.4.Final'

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Fixed lengthy test names in TC (testFoo on org.infinispan.FooTest@12345678)

* overriding toString() causes the "on ..." naming

ISPN-6946 Redundand indexing during topology changes in the AffinityIndexManager

Fix some broken links in lucene directory user guide

ISPN-7029 Refactor command execution patterns and context entries handling

* Define entry wrapping throughout the interceptor stack (see EntryFactory javadoc)

* In VisitableCommand replace readsExistingValues() and alwaysReadsExistingValues() with single loadType()

* Make sure that write commands always return value from primary owner

* Deprecate CacheEntry.rollback(), StateChangingEntry and its methods + COPIED flag in ReadCommittedEntry

* Remove oldValue from ReadCommittedEntry, add resetCurrentValue() and updatePreviousValue() that revert the entry upon retry (with repeatable reads - without them, entry is removed from ctx before retry).

* Make ClusteredGetCommand and ClusteredGetAllCommand topology-aware (add topologyId).

** Don't block reads when the entry is in readCH of current node (ignore topology then)

** Return UnsuccessfulResponse if the originator has old topology

** Retry locally (with waiting for new topology) if this node has old topology

* Functional commands, GetAllCommand and PutMapCommand rewritten to use RpcManager.invokeRemotelyAsync and behave asynchronously.

* PutMapCommmand (optionally) returns List<Map.Entry> instead of Map to share code with functional commands (and generally be more inline).

* (Non-clustered) listeners now fire only on the owners, not on originator.

* Make DeltaAwareCacheEntry MVCC (though the plan is to remove it altogether).

* Remove redundant activation interceptors

* Instead of adding the version when wrapping the entry add it when the command returns, similar to skipLookup(true).

* Remove IncrementalVersionableEntryFactory as it does not do much anymore (ClusteredRepeatableReadEntry can be created by EntryFactoryImpl).

* Deprecate CacheTransaction.replaceVersionRead because now we are sure which version we read and we should never overwrite it

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ISPN-6943 Upgrade to Hibernate HQL Parser version 1.3.0.Final

ISPN-6474 Restore setting the default cache name on protocol server start

ISPN-6474 Restore setting the default cache name on protocol server start

ISPN-6805 Extract StripedCounters, add padding, spread thread id

ISPN-6938 Refactor remoteGet in distribution interceptors

ISPN-6614 Add SomeCustomConsistentHashV2 so that the JCache remote tests pass


ISPN-7029 Remove RemoteFetchingCommand

ISPN-6937 Remove core -> Kubernetes dependency

ISPN-6935 Use Collection instead of Set

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ISPN-6586 Run ReadOnlyKeyCommand and ReadOnlyManyCommand on owner

* Also make sure that errors from functional commands are thrown as

CacheException (if the exception is thrown on local node)

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