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Releasing version 11.0.0.Final

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Committing 11.0.0.Final to doc attribute file

Committing proto.lock files for 11.0.0.Final

Remove proto schema compatibility check from anchored-keys module

Add missing upgrading info

ISPN-11996 Allow customize memory and memory swap for Testcontainers images

Fix generics related warning

ISPN-11479 Relax unknown indexed type error and make it a warning for 11

IPROTO-142 Make some fields in bank.proto @SortableField

* upgrade to protostream 4.3.3.Final

Remove unused field IndexingMetadata.NO_INDEXING

Fix ClusteredDistCacheTest

This test uses "null" as storageType since it does not override the

factory from the parent. Before the fix on ISPN-11980, this was

assumed to be a protostream cache, but now it is correctly assumed

as an application/x-java-object and thus the key is not byte[] anymore,

requiring a transformer

upgrade console 0.7.Final

ISPN-11998 Keep new and legacy memory attributes in sync

* Change default storage to HEAP everywhere

* Document deprecated storage attribute values

in the XSD

* Synchronize new and old eviction attributes

both in the buider and in the runtime configuration

* Synchronize when copying configurations

* Synchronize when reading JSON

* Add new configuration and defaults tests

* Make attributes that cannot change at runtime immutable

* Eviction new and legacy attributes should stay in sync

* Fix tests that set the storage to null

* Update tests for new default storage type

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ISPN-11911 remote store segmentation note

ISPN-11990 JDK 11 modules do not compile in IntelliJ

Ensure we only allow a single QueryFacade implementation

* update signature of QueryFacade to no longer imply a byte[] cache

* remove RemoteQueryManager.isQueryEnabled(Cache)

Reword WARN for absence of encoding

Only log a WARN if the key/value media differ from the global setting

TestModuleRepository relies on package-local stuff located in another java module

* refactor to avoid module access violations

* make TestModuleRepository final

* generify several usages of ComponentAccessor

Move ProtobufMetadataManagerInterceptor blockhound exception to its own module

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ISPN-11975 RemoteCacheImpl entry retrieval should be non blocking

ISPN-11989 Fix ThreadLocalLeakTest

ISPN-11988 fix invalid include directive

Jenkinsfile Build PRs with 'Documentation' label using distribution profile



ISPN-11988 invalid include directive

ISPN-11893 Fix PrepareTimeoutTest

ISPN-11987 Authorization header blocked by CORS

ISPN-11980 Storage type HEAP should default to application/x-java-object