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ISPN-3332 fix ReadableGridFileChannel#read wrt EOS.

[ISPN-3332]; fix ReadableGridFileChannel#read wrt EOS.

Remove references to version.scala in parent pom.xml

Fixes problems with IntelliJ compilation of server modules.

ISPN-3325 ConsistentHashV1IntegrationTest.testCorrectBalancingOfKeysAfterNodeKill random failures

ISPN-3326 LevelDB cachestore should use cachename to construct path (fixes the twoCacheSameStore tests)

'Release Script: update versions for 6.0.0.Alpha1'

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Fix BOM to have license information, SCM URL, developer information, etc so it passes the rules to be accepted in the 'releases' maven repo

ISPN-2806 Javadoc to clarify absence of race condition in cache store

Fix BOM to have a distributionManagement section so it can be deployed in maven repo

Fix hibernate-annotations version number

ISPN-2515 VersionedReplStateTransferTest.testStateTransfer fails randomly

Wait for state transfer to end before checking the results

ISPN-3109 Integration of protostream library (protobuf serialisation protocol) with hot-rod marshaller

Put and get an object from a remote cache over hotrod using protobuf as a serialization protocol for all user payload.

ISPN-2608 VersionedDistStateTransferTest intermittent failure

Wait for state transfer to end before checking the results

ISPN-2272 Remove the use of deprecated methods from the core test suite (including utility classes used by other tests) and all other modules affected by this

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ISPN-3313 Fix mongodb parser class name error

ISPN-3317 Add missing XSD info on storeAsBinary.defensive config option

ISPN-2806 Rename Karsten's file cache store and add configuration

* Renamed the cache store to a more meaningful name.

* Added new style configuration and configuration builder classes.

* Modified parser to deal with new single file cache store.

* Added tests that verify single file cache store configuration.

fixed compilation issue

ISPN-3314 DistributedTaskPart.isDone() doesn't return true unless get() was called before

A single 'done' flag is enough, the extra 'callCompleted' flag was complicating things.

ISPN-3313 Add Infinispan 6.0 parsers

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ISPN-3312 DistributedExecutionCompletionTest.testBasicTakeInvocationWithSleepingCallable random failures

Start timing the task execution before submitting it to the executor.

ISPN-3234 Upgrade to JCache 0.8

* Replace calls now update store counts when statistics enabled.

* Some TCK tests still ignored due to issues reported.

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the jdk6testsuite is not activated by a system property now.

ISPN-2771 WriteSkewTest.testWriteSkewWithOnlyPut fails randomly

The test in question is performing the write skew check before the key is locked.

ISPN-3308 Change the tests' JGroups rejection policy to Discard

Includes some smaller changes to make the test configuration more like the

production configuration.

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ISPN-3289 PutForExternalRead should only write the value on the originator once

Use the same condition to decide whether a PFER should write to the data

container as for a non-tx put, even in tx caches.

ISPN-3276 Migrate the CacheLoader API to use org.infinispan.configuration

ISPN-3343 Write up CacheLoaderConfiguration and corresponding Builder for Lucene module

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Bump to 5.2.8-SNAPSHOT

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'Release Script: update versions for 5.2.7.Final'

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ISPN-3302 Update the AS integration modules for the commons dependency