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Release Script: update versions for 5.1.7.Final

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ISPN-2273 Upgrade to JClouds 1.4.1

ISPN-2265 Upgrade to JGroups 3.0.14.Final

ISPN-2181 - Allow to inject the current cache into Mapper/Reducer/Callable objects

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ISPN-2263 ConcurrentModificationException during cancellation of outbound state transfer

Iteration over the list of outbound tasks that need to be adjusted by cancelling some segments could result in a CME if all segments are to be cancelled and the entire tasks gets cancelled and removed consequently. This is easily avoidable by copying the list before iterating it.

ISPN-2227 CloudCacheStore Configuration Builder API and XML Parser

ISPN-2252 mvn deploy -Pdistribution doesn't uploads the sources

* Revert previous POM fix as it was no longer generating runtime-classpath.txt for modules and this breaks the demos from the distribution.

* Modify script to include 'extras' profile together with 'distribution'. This should solve the issue with the missing sources.

fix UnitTestTestNGListener to use XmlTest#getXmlClasses instead of XmlTest#getClasses

ISPN-2260 Call shutdownNow on the cache view installation executor

This will interrupt the cache view installation threads blocked because the channel was already closed.

ISPN-2261 CacheStore Builder API cleanup


- Fix builder read() method and enhance test cases

- implicitly select a connectionFactory based on parameters

- JavaDocs


- Fix builder read() method and enhance test case

- Fix the JavaDocs


- Fix the hierarchy of the AbstractRemoteCacheStoreChildBuilder so that we don't break the fluent configurability

- Fix builder read() method and enhance test case

- Fix the JavaDocs

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ISPN-2186 Ignore cache view commands from an old coordinator.

Needed for JBPAPP-9658

ISPN-2224 JDBM CacheStore Builder API and XML parser

fixed incorrect javadoc message

Use common StoreConfiguration > CacheStoreConfig legacy adaptor for the FileCacheStore

Use common StoreConfiguration > CacheStoreConfig legacy adaptor for the RemoteCacheStore

Use common StoreConfiguration > CacheStoreConfig legacy adaptor for the JDBC CacheStores

Extract the StoreConfiguration > CacheStoreConfig adaptation logic so that it can be used in LegacyLoaderAdapters

ISPN-2247 Upgrade HBase Upgrade to HBase 0.94.1 Fix test timing

ISPN-2806 Karsten's Faster FileCacheStore implementation

* This CacheStore implementation stores cache values in a single file,

and keeps keys and file positions in memory. Max memory consumption

can be controlled via a maxEntries parameter.

* Always keep on-disk state up to date: Write changes to disk

immediately, including the cache keys. On startup, the state of the

cache store can be restored by scanning the entire file.

* Clean shutdown (storing the in-memory index on stop()) is no longer

required for persistence.

Signed-off-by: Karsten Blees <>

ISPN-2223 BdbjeCacheStore Builder API and XML parser

* refactor pre and post tests * bugfix: chold == chnew in state transfer * bugfix: in multiple rounds, concat to the previous list * bugfix: ML tree should be serializable (and the features too) * bugfix: single ML rule

Make the <global /> configuration element optional

Remove duplicate declarations from JDBC Cache Store XSD

ISPN-2237 Fix JDK detection in concurrent map factory

* Also enable infinispan.unsafe.allow_jdk8_chm by default when running

the testsuite in order to detect issues with the backported JDK8 CHM.

ISPN-2254 Starting a stopped cache fails to invoke notifyCacheStarting

ISPN-2253 Restarted indexed caches should re-create a new SearchFactory

* bugfix: input.names => the home feature should have more than one possible value * bugfix: the machine learner can return only one rule (and it is the decision) * add: don't start the protocol if the cluster is composed by one node

* add log when the trigger of data placement fails and when the view change/data rehash changed

Use cfg since it's passed as an argument.

ISPN-2252 - mvn deploy -Pdistribution doesn't uploads the sources