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ISPN-1642 Adding a test for the new optimisation

Clarify TestingUtil.setDelayForCache parameters

ISPN-1642 Cache loading on remote nodes can be optimised away in certain conditions

ISPN-1640 - Installing a merged cache view takes too long

I updated CacheViewsManagerRecoverViewsTest to use DISCARD and check how long it takes to install the merged cache view.

I implemented two workarounds for the RECOVER_VIEW delay:

* Sleep before sending the RECOVER_VIEW command.

* Send RECOVER_VIEW via unicast instead of multicast

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ISPN-1641 fix JDBC cache store config

ISPN-1595 Transactions not being cleared from transaction table when using REPL and recovery - register current cluster view as lock owner so that remote transactions will be cleaned once tx completes

ISPN-1595 make sure that local transactions are being removed from the table after completion

ISPN-1638 Return values should only be serialized if needed when using Distribution

TestingUtil.waitForInitRehashToComplete() is not reliable when the cluster forms via a merge.

I deprecated it, and I changed the tests to use waitForRehashToComplete() instead.

ISPN-1566 Remove duplicate async/singletonStore definitions

This fixes Jbc2InfinispanTransformerTest which has been failing

since the original jira was implemented.

ISPN-1681 Lucene Directory should use SKIP_CACHE_LOAD as well

ISPN-1639 adding test

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unused imports cleanup

ISPN-1677 Reuse decorated caches in Lucene

ISPN-1639 DecoratedCache should be immutable

Improve logging messages in EntryWrappingInterceptor

ISPN-1635 cleaned up some tests and added some further optimisations

Add Infinispan 5.0 namespace as available

Read location from properties for filecachestore

ISPN-1635 Retrying prepares results in NPEs when using repeatable read and write skew checks

ISPN-1630 - KeyAffinityService's topology change listener can hang state transfer/cache view installation

Set an upper bound on the number of keys generated by KeyGeneratorWorker before releasing the maxNumberInvariant read lock.

When polling for a key, acquire the maxNumberInvariant read lock inside the loop.

ISPN-1623 Fix Javadoc.

ISPN-1631 Upgrade to JBoss TS 4.16.0

ISPN-1628 LegacyConfigurationAdaptor: Indexing is not copying over the configuration properties

ISPN-1628 New configuration parser doesn't default values to the default cache: fix test expectations

ISPN-1628 Configuration parser: Indexing properties are a nested element

ISPN-1628 Configuration parser: INDEX_LOCAL_ONLY is a valid attribute for the indexing element

ISPN-1623 Adding missing copyright on test

Serialized internal component should use serialVersionUID to avoid mismatch during development