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ISPN-11731 Add blockhound to query module

* Just adding some preemptive changes

ISPN-11831 Add blockhound to server rest module

ISPN-11830 Provide invocation based non blocking detection to test suite

ISPN-11829 Persistence configuration allows for preload and purgeOnStartup to be configured together

add 10.1.x sb starter

ISPN-11826 topic for deleting caches via CLI

ISPN-11826 topic for deleting caches via CLI

ISPN-11825 update procedure to register schemas with CLI

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    • +56
ISPN-10446 Protobuf Schema Resource

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    • +6
Fix asserts in InvalidatedMarshalledValueTest

Fix error message when no logs are recorded yet by StringLogAppender

ISPN-10249 Comment feature pack modules

Hibernate Search 6 does not provide feature packs

ISPN-11800 Convert BackupReceiver to component

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
ISPN-11674 Clean up RemoteCache method overrides

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add versioned operator docs

add versioned operator docs

SingleCacheManagerTest.assertNoTransactions with lambda

ProtostreamTranscoder.ctxRegistry does not need to be volatile

ISPN-11820 Hot Rod URI

ISPN-10249 Upgrade to Hibernate Search 6

  1. … 95 more files in changeset.
ISPN-11819 Prevent ContainerInfinispanServerDriver erroneous state with provided server directory

ISPN-11817 Support trace log messages for ContainerInfinispanServerDriver

ISPN-11818 Restore SearchConfiguration.getProvidedServices to provide LuceneAnalysisDefinitionProvider which was lost when Infinispan index manager was killed

ISPN-11815 Elytron 1.11.4

* Don't use the component elytron artifacts in the client dependencies

ISPN-11814 Hibernate Search annotations are not needed in some REST test entities

ISPN-11667 Deal with ignore caches. Status Ignored

ISPN-11667 Deal with ignore caches. Status Ignored

ISPN-11810 RemoteCacheManager ignores per-cache near cache configuration

ISPN-11807 Create a FORKED mode for InfinispanServerRule

ISPN-11785 server patching docs