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ISPN-10615 MBean operation metadata is broken, param type and param description are swapped

ISPN-10614 Delegate cache creation/removal through admin api to async pool

ISPN-10601 Add Server Extension Manager

* Port some tests from the legacy server

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ISPN-10620 BasicComponentRegistryImpl.getMBeanMetadata discards overloaded operations and mishandles overriding

* overriding attributes and ops should be disalowed

* oveloaded operations should be allowed

Remove unused pom properties




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ISPN-10613 Support multiple roles for AuthorizationConfigurationBuilder

ISPN-10612 Support multiple permissions for GlobalRoleConfigurationBuilder

ISPN-10161 Server can't stop when security is enabled

ISPN-10611 Jenkins ignores server/runtime test failures

ISPN-10609 Extend Marshaller interface to expose configured ClassWhiteList to implementation

ISPN-10718 Ensure protobuf metadata cache is predictably started when the cache manager has finished initializing

* move creation of protobuf metadata cache config into ProtobufMetadataManagerImpl for

better encapsulation; hide the insertion of the interceptor; this does not belong in the ModuleLifecycle

* protobuf metadata cache should be always already running before first cache is started rather than

being started accidentaly in addCacheDependency (see ProtobufMetadataCacheStartedTest)

* ProtobufMetadataManagerMBean should be registered only after protobuf metadata cache is started

* remote-query-server module depends on query

* processing of serialization context initializers does not belong in the ModuleLifecycle

Give more general names to params of SecurityActions.addCacheDependency


TestObjectStreamMarshaller shouldn't extend AbstractMarshaller

ISPN-10275 add memcached TOUCH operation

Delete deprecated RemovableFunction

ISPN-10591 Reduce BaseStoreTest idle times to allow RocksDBStoreTest to pass

next version 10.0.0-SNAPSHOT

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Releasing version 10.0.0.CR2

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Use ec2 slave for release

ISPN-10723 JMX registration cleanup

* all jmx registration should happen via CacheManagerJmxRegistration/CacheJmxRegistration

* we should not have other classes using JmxUtil.buildJmxDomain because it can lead to split domains. Better fail early.

* there are very few legitimate direct usages of JmxUtil.lookupMBeanServer; all else must go

* prefer CacheManagerJmxRegistration/CacheJmxRegistration.registerMBean over other methods

* remove PerThreadMBeanServerLookup

* remove ManagedAttribute annotation elements that are equal to their defaults

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Deprecate ModuleProperties

* This class is still used but it should not be public. Also, the name no longer

reflects its initial role. We deprecate it now and we'll rename it and hide it in future.

Remove unused logger from ComponentStatus enum

Rename ModuleRepository.sortModules -> sortModuleDependencies

* having *dependencies* somewhere in the stacktrace helps me figure out what I did wrong

DependencyGraph.getDependents() should always return an immutable set

Add MEDIA_TYPE to 1 byte ProtoStreamTypeId range

ISPN-10525 ProtoStreamTypeIdsUniqunessTest and WrappedMessage added to Ids

ISPN-10594 Move Event Logger to Server Runtime

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ISPN-10594 Remove WildFly server

* Adjust WildFly modules accordingly

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ISPN-10589 REST Resources allow for ambiguous paths

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