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ISPN-10592 Remove deprecated ComponentMetadata, ComponentMetadataRepo, ManageableComponentMetadata

* fossils of the old component registry must go: ComponentMetadata, ComponentMetadataRepo, ManageableComponentMetadata, ModuleMetadataFileFinder

ISPN-10591 Make Protostream the default marshaller for user types

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ISPN-10592 Refactor old JMX attribute / operation metadata classes into inner classes of MBeanMetadata

* as a consequence of removing some of the old component registry metadata we can now refactor the jmx metadata also

* JmxAttributeMetadata, JmxOperationMetadata, JmxOperationParameter and the whole of org.infinispan.factories.components can go

ISPN-10310 Stop blocking in ClusterTopologyManagerImpl and LocalTopologyManagerImpl

* Remove BlockingClusterTopologyManager

* Add ConditionFuture to wait for a condition without blocking

* Enhance CheckPoint non-blocking methods to use a timeout and an executor

* Enhance BlockingLocalTopologyManager to not block the caller thread

* Rename AbstractInfinispanTest.getDefaultExecutorService() to testExecutor()

* TestingUtil cleanup, fix generics

* Replace some spies with mocks

The fact that spies copy state and they have lifecycle methods

is causing subtle behaviour changes, better to use mocks instead.

* Stop including cache that haven't joined yet in status response

f ltmi

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Remove redundant SuppressWarnings in some factories

ServerNG doc should also mention -h option

Methods in org.infinispan.server.core.SecurityActions should not be public

* just keeping things tidy; the class is not public, no harm done anyway

ServerResource should not use the deprecated Version class

Inner classes of RestDispatcherTest can be static

Wrong pluralization in ServerManagement.cacheManagersNames

* rename to cacheManagerNames

ISPN-10586 - Use ServerNG in the testsuite

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ResourceDMBean cleanup, and other MBean stuff

* remove the IspnMBeanOperationInfo wrapper and keep operation names in an additional String[]

ISPN-10590 PersistenceMarshallerImpl should not wrap objects when no user marshaller is configured

ISPN-9657 Fix HotRodCounterIT

* Generate the CounterState marshaller in commons

* Move implementation classes to counter module

* Export package org.infinispan.counter in counter

* Do not export the API classes in counter

Cleanup Health by moving its tests to package

* health implementation classes should not be public

* move tests from to

ISPN-10476 SinglePort routing is broken for REST

ISPN-10511 jgroups transport and cloud discovery

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ISPN-10585 Wrong property for jackson-databind in server-testsuite

ISPN-10585 Wrong property for jackson-databind in server-testsuite

ISPN-9950 REST Client refactoring

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ISPN-10476 Reproducer

ISPN-10584 Create a new java rest client example with the new HttpClient API

ISPN-10692 WildFly 18.0.0.Beta1

ISPN-10583 Avoid using deprecated globalJmxStatistics().cacheManagerName()

* other jmx related clanups

* deprecated core MBeanServerLookup implementations should extend from the ones in commons module

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Fix @TopologyChanged annotation JavaDoc for which caches it's fired

ISPN-10435 Support for serving static content

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ISPN-10571 Fix CORS support for '*' origin

ISPN-10505 Allow multiple SerializationContextInitializers to be provided via configuration

Whitelist xsd schema corrected to reflect the current parser/serializer


ISPN-10571 Enable CORS for localhost origins on ports 80, 8080 and 9000

ISPN-10578 ScatteredCache RemoteMetadata should be handled by the PersistenceMarshaller