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'Release Script: update versions for 9.1.2-SNAPSHOT'

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'Release Script: update versions for 9.1.1.Final'

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ISPN-8318 Mark bulk operations test as unstable

More quarantined tests

- ISPN-6901 ConsistentHashV2IntegrationTest.testCorrectBalancingOfKeysAfterNodeKill

- ISPN-8316 StringBasedStoreMultinodeIT.testFetchState

ISPN-7741 Use bin/ to update POM versions

Make the server use ${project.version} directly

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Log the correct thread name after we call Thread.setName()

Archive the dump/dumpstream files generated by Surefire

ISPN-8203 Upgrade to protostream-4.2.0.Alpha2

ISPN-7680 Karaf maven plugin fails with new version

* Add core dependency in JDBC store features.xml

* Move karaf:verify goal to install phase

ISPN-7865 Distributed Stream thread usage for key aware operations can be improved

* Refactor distributed iterator communication to use reactive streams

* Refactor distributed to reuse non rehash for rehash

* Add in IntSet usage to avoid some boxing

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Remove workaround for JDK6

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ISPN-7741 Restore deleted POM comments (again)

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Quarantine Unstable tests

Fix ProtobufMetadataManagerMBean javadoc

ISPN-8232 Transaction inconsistency during network partitions

* Disable tests

ISPN-8305 PessimisticTxPartitionAndMergeDuringPrepareTest.testPrimaryOwnerIsolatedPartitionWithDiscard[DIST_SYNC] randomly failing

ISPN-8313 Remove references to deprecated StoreAsBinaryConfiguration

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ISPN-8235 Re-sync query uberjar testsuite

ISPN-8308 Remove references to deprecated EvictionConfiguration

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ISPN-8306 InfinispanRegionFactory should use MemoryConfiguration

ISPN-8111 OffHeapBoundedSingleNodeTest.testMultiThreaded fails with trace logging enabled

* Disabled transactions which should let it run faster

ISPN-8299 LocalStreamIteratorWithPassivationTest.testConcurrentPassivation random failure

* Made sure Local and Dist tests weren't sharing loader

* When rewiring persistence manager was restarted, have to stop first

ISPN-8302 The classifier off the Hibernate Search / Wildfly modules is now wildfly-11-dist

ISPN-8174 LocalStreamIteratorWithPassivationTest random failures

* Also disabled Distributed variant

ISPN-8300 Serializer produces configuration files that are not up to date

- ISPN-8294 Configuration serializer doesn't write memory attributes

ISPN-8296 Upgrade to Log4J 2.8.2

ISPN-8295 JGroups 4.0.6

ISPN-8263 Non-strict options should expect remote put too

ISPN-8293 @Group and Grouper are not included in the javadoc