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ISPN-1583 Avoid delegate advanced caches wrapped parameters

* Such parameters are flags or classloaders.

* By adding an interface that generates wrap objects, abstract

delegate implementations can pass on caches with flags or cache

loaders while keeping these wrapped.

* This avoid the problem of unwrapping a wrapper while keeping

hold of the given flag/classloaders.

ISPN-2690: Removed Serializable and updatd internal externalizer table to reference CHF Externalizer implementations.

ISPN-2704 Check async store state for stop before wait for new state

ISPN-2660 Replace non-alphanumeric characters in cache names with an underscore to prevent database naming errors

ISPN-2700 Fix Scala compiler warnings

ISPN-2701 Disable ConfigurationOverridesTest, InfinispanContainerCacheManagerDefinitionTest and InfinispanEmbeddedCacheManagerDefinitionTest temporarily.

'Release Script: update versions for 5.2.0.CR1'

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fixed RemoteCacheStoreTest

ISPN-2696 Upgrade to Scala 2.10.0

ISPN-2542 Adjust async store shutdown timeout to the test timeout

ISPN-2698 Some in-progress segment transfers are not cancelled properly during rehashing

StateConsumerImpl.cancelTransfers(..) was ignoring the currently iterated segment.

ISPN-2658 Update serialized count MarshalledValue test

* The test used to pass due to lack of clearing between test methods

and in fact even in older releases, if you run the test method

individually, it would fail. So, the test was passing due to the

effect of other test methods.

* The test has now been changed with the correct expectations.

ISPN-2694 Fix Spring build caused by HotRod Client changes

ISPN-2690: Add SyncConsistentHashFactory to internal externalizers.

ISPN-2683 AS7.x modules packaging

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ISPN-2473 Forwarding for non-transactional write commands should be asynchronous

New test for command forwarding, both for transactional and non-transactional

caches (but only in repl mode).

ISPN-2630 Make sure getting/disabling cache stores works when they are hidden by delegates

ISPN-2560 Adjust the config files path to match the new layout

ISPN-1954 Assign an explicit ThreadNameDeterminer for the Server

ISPN-2684 Upgrade to Netty 3.6.1.Final

ISPN-2663 Upgrade to JGroups 3.2.5

ISPN-2655 Make HotRod client reads always go to the main owner

Improve asserts.

Fix generated node name for indices higher than 'Z'.

Before the fix is was possible that the generated name contained non-printable characters. The current implementation uses multiple letters if the index is higher than 'Z'.

ISPN-2580 Do not request segments from all nodes at once

* Add InboundTransferTask.awaitCompletion() to be able to detect when all segments from a source were completely received

* StateConsumerImpl.applyState processes all the received chunks at once

* StateConsumerImpl.onTopologyUpdate() no longer creates InboundTransferTasks if cache is not transactional and fetching of in-memory state is not enabled. These were previosly created only to be removed.

* StateConsumerImpl.addTransfers() is split into separate methods for fetching transactions and segments

* StateConsumerImpl requests transactions serially from neighbours and then notifies that transaction data was received without waiting for the segments to be requested. A separate task is spawned to request transactions serially from neighbours.

Fix exception message.

Fix TestNG test name to match class name.

ISPN-1220 Make sure that ClassLoader-decorated caches set the correct classloader when invoking listeners

ISPN-2682 Add key2StringMapper to declarative JDBC cache store configuration

ISPN-2681 Upgrade to Hibernate Search 4.2.0.CR1