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'Release Script: update versions for 5.2.7.Final'

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ISPN-3302 Update the AS integration modules for the commons dependency

ISPN-3249 Removed some other legacy Configurations that cropped up

ISPN-2714 TopologyAwareTwoNodesMapReduceTest.testInvokeMapperCancellation test fails randomly

SimpleTwoNodesMapReduceTest.testInvokeMapperCancellation used a static

counter, replace it with a static map of barriers, keyed with the name of

the actual test class. That way, subclasses like

TopologyAwareTwoNodesMapReduceTest will each use their own barrier, and

they will be able to run in parallel.

ISPN-3299 ReplTotalOrderStateTransferFunctional1PcTest.testSTWithThirdWritingTxCache random failures

ISPN-3279 Delete ConfigurationOverrides and GlobalConfigurationOverrides in Spring module

ISPN-3310 Move the BasiCache/BasicCacheContainer APIs to Commons and use interface compositing to delimit specific APIs Realign the HotRod client to these new interfaces

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ISPN-3170 create a Metadata store

ISPN-3297 RemoteCaches cannot be assigned to BasicCaches anymore in the CDI module

ISPN-3242 ISPN-3284 Enforce building against JDK7 and drop useless dependencies

Build against JDK7 but verify that we are compatible with JDK6.

Run testsuite against JDK6 if the JAVA_HOME_16 environment variable is set

Drop useless dependencies which we had to keep around because of

Other minor pom cleanups

ISPN-3262 Check cache status before loading keys in LevelDBCacheStore

ISPN-3232 Avoid marshalling twice LevelDBCacheStore entries

* Switched purgeExpired() to submit a callable and if the purge is

synchronous, use the future to verify if the purge completed.

Remove erroneously committed license header from the spring module

ISPN-3260 Port HotRodEntryMarshaller to use the commons-ified Marshaller

ISPN-3262 Check cache status before loading keys in LevelDBCacheStore



ISPN-3291 The Component registries should always use an appropriate classloader when looking for components/factories

Minor BOM fixes

ISPN-3185 License and copyright header update

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ISPN-3280 Make the Spring module work against the liberated HotRod client

ISPN-2915 Deprecate JBossTransactionManagerLookup as it is redundant

ISPN-3280 Liberate the HotRod client from the Infinispan Core dependency

ISPN-3281 Deadlock in non-transactional caches during rebalance

If the topology id on the primary owner is greater than the one on the

originator, send the command back to the originator with the higher

topology id.

ISPN-3252 Fixed compile error in ConfigurationOverridesTest

ISPN-2950 In distributed mode cache store data should be read through the main data owner (vs directly from the store)

* Changed ClusteredCacheLoader to only read from primary owner

* Added tests to verify non owner doesn't read from cache store

* Also fixed up cache statistics so skips aren't counted as misses

* Added some tests for invalidation with loader/store

ISPN-3260 Split common API and classes into infinispan-commons

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Upgrade to Weld 1.1.13

ISPN-3274 Cleared legacy Configuration imports in Server modules

ISPN-3252 Migrated Configuration API in Spring module

'Release Script: update versions for 5.3.1-SNAPSHOT'

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'Release Script: update versions for 5.3.0.Final'

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