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AS7-4460 TS: use test order

Update undertow to Alpha2

[AS7-6722] Best attempt to process overridden directory properties in scripts. None of the scripts allow for directories with spaces.

[WFLY-405] layered object model

[AS7-6699] HornetQ backup mode

When HornetQ is configured to be a backup, it will start and remain

passive (its resources are not deployed, it does not accept any

connections, etc.)

For AS7 hornetq-server's children resources, that means that:

* read-attribute on runtime attributes is a no-op (returns undefined)

* execute an operation on a queue will throw an exception warning the

user that HornetQ is in backup mode

* add active runtime r/o attribute to hornetq-server

For AS7 services, there are some substantial changes too.

HornetQService default does *not* start the HornetQ server. This is done

by JMSService. This means that any service must not depend on

HornetQService but JMSService to make sure that the server is

effectively started.

JMSService is started asynchronously and the server start is completed


* the HornetQ server has been activated (immediately when it is a live

node, or after failover if it is a backup)

* and the JMSServerManager is started (and can deploy JMS resources)

It is important for other services depending on messaging services

(queue, jms-queue, topic, connection-factory &

pooled-connection-factory) that these services must NOT be started

until a backup hornetq-server fails over.

* refactor messaging's SecurityActions (based on ExtensionAddHandler


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AS7-6721 Upgrade Infinispan to 5.2.5.Final

[AS7-6720] Only redirect requests for the root context, the remaining requests can be rejected with a 404 response code.

AS7-6710 Configuring security realm throws NullPointerException when operational header allow-resource-service-restart is used

upgrade metadata to 8.0.0.Alpha1

Fix AS7-6714: Update to console 1.5.2.Final

AS7-6717 Upgrade Hibernate version to 4.2.0.CR2

AS-5737 workaround for ApacheDS IPv6 issue in LdapUrl class (DIRAPI-125)

WFLY-1420 Upgrade Narayana to 5.0.0.M3

Upgrade JBossTS to Narayana 5.0.0.M2

JBTM-1516 XTS: Common configuration is not available

[AS7-6497] Clean up transitive dependencies in build module

Change test to not rely on text in the error pages

Changing PicketBox version to fix the [AS7-5737] issue.

[AS7-5737] fixing interpretation of java.naming.referral=throw system property interpretation. It catches the ReferralException and continue searching the referral.

[AS7-6490] OSGi Stomplet/Stilts broken with Netty 2.6.2

AS7-6706 Move Webservices client-config management into an MSC service

Upgrade to 1.0.17.Final of EJB client library

AS7-6561 Make use of the marshallAsAttribute API for persisting the passivation-disabled-cache-ref attribute

AS7-5737 If the factory class in the reference is null search for a URL provider

AS7-6601 Test security 1.2.1 to 1.2.0 add op transformation

AS7-6601 Bump security mgmt API to 1.2.1

Update pom.xml javadoc incl, excl and groups.

Update javadoc script to match new modules dir structure.

AS7-6601 Bump messaging mgmt API to 1.2.1