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WFLY-2398 fix InflowJarTestCase test fail on full profile

[WFLY-2527] For multitarget requests, use a separate access control context for each resolved address

[WFLY-2595] Rewrite the logging DUP's. Ensure the undeploy unregisters the log contexts so class loaders and log contexts aren't leaked.

[WFLY-2527] Use correct address when resolving ManagementResourceRegistration during wildcard queries

[WFLY-2571] Do not attempt to write end element if the <subsystem/> has no elements

[JBWS-3708] Initial changes for using immutable client/endpoint configs

[JBWS-3708] Initial changes for using immutable client/endpoint configs

[WFLY-2527] Resolve OSHs for wildcard addresses even without a wildcard registration

WFLY-2598: fixes scheduledTimerFutures synchronization between timer creation and execution

[WFLY-2649] upgrade to HornetQ 2.4.0.Final

* upgrade netty to 4.0.13.Final too

[WFLY-2469] Upgrade to HornetQ 2.4.0.Beta3

* update domain.xml messaging subsystem configuration to use

the latest parser and remove the servlet-connector resource

[WFLY-2218] Use the new varargs variety of addMavenResourceURL in places that could use it

Revert "Use virtual file based resource manager to make sure deployment overlays work correctly with Undertow"

This reverts commit bd7fa6ed03188a74c89663826d7e6b77df64d8df.

This caused problems JSP, as getResource() on a jar would return the mounted directory, rather than the jar file.

[WFLY-2218] Add ability to not list runtime resources and attributes in CompareModelVersionsUtil

JBMETA-367 XML schema; use of elementFormDefault='unqualified'; cannot validate some documents

[WFLY-2478] Fix Infinispan EAP transformers.Small update.

[WFLY-2505] Update EAP transformer tests for JGroups.

[WFLY-2218] Make LegacyKernelServicesInitializer.addMavenResourceURL() take a varargs of maven gavs

WFLY-2533 - fix typo

WFLY-1317 unignore LdapExtLoginModuleTestCase tests for role search with slash in a role-name

Undertow 1.0.0.Beta26

This fixes a few issues with JASPI:

* Pre-emptive authetication (AUTH_SUCCESS & null UserPrinciplal

handling) (spec

* Always call secureResponse (spec Point(3))

* Properly fill org.jboss.security.SecurityContext by using

org.jboss.security.auth.callback.JASPICallbackHandler, so that EJB

propgation has a chance to work

WFLY-1701 Race condition during server start-up - RA not deployed

Prevent possible deadlocks relating to intermixing of parallel-capable and non-lockless class loaders

[WFLY-2478] Fix Infinispan EAP transformers.

[WFLY-671] re-enabled test, corrected assertion msg, reduced timezones

[JBWS-3739] Enforce jbossws-spi metadata immutability

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[JBWS-3739] Enforce jbossws-spi metadata immutability

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WFLY-2590: upon release of a stateful ejb instance, remove it from the cache if the timeout is zero

[WFLY-2588] Handle additional quotes in system properties correctly