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[WFLY-9376] Include shared keystores in .jar archive

- and retrieve them from there so we don't depend on the fact that

target directory in ./testsuite/shared is present with generated

keystores at the moment executing tests in other modules.

WFLY-9375 load services only they are imported

after #8564 services from all modules are imported, after this change services are imported only if declared in manifest or in jboss-deployment-structure.xml

WFLY-9047 make elements in jboss-ejb-security_1_1.xsd optional

[WFLY-9373] Avoid HTTPSWebConnectorTestCase removing default https listener

Merge pull request #10528 from rhusar/WFLY-9362

WFLY-9362 AbstractRemoteStatelessEJBFailoverTestCase#test is never run

WFLY-9362 AbstractRemoteStatelessEJBFailoverTestCase#test is never run

WFLY-9363 Fix failing clustering EJB2 tests

* make tests run by default

* bunch of simplifications

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[WFLY-9360] Upgrade Generic JMS RA 2.0.1.Final

JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-9360

Merge pull request #10526 from stuartwdouglas/affinity

[WFLY-9358] [WFLY-9351] [WFLY-9352] [WFLY-9350] [WFLY-9349] [WFLY-9357] [WFLY-9382] Remote EJB clustered node discovery is ignored

WFLY-9361 Fix issue with distributed work manager tests

[WFLY-9356] Remove pointless duplication execution of DomainHostExcludesTestCase variants

introduce asciidoc powered documentation

Currently includes converted confluence documentation from


Sync date was 2017-11-10

to build docs, go to "docs" module and run mvn clean install

or run main build with -Ddocs flag.

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Merge pull request #10503 from hsvabek/WFLY9333

[WFLY-9333] unignore tests in ConstantPrincipalDecoderTestCase

Merge pull request #10502 from hsvabek/WFLY9331

[WFLY-9331] unignore PasswordMaskingTestCase

Merge pull request #10501 from hsvabek/WFLY9330

[WFLY-9330] unignore tests in ExternalPasswordCommandsTestCase

Merge pull request #10500 from hsvabek/WFLT9329

[WFLY-9329] - uningnore ExternalPasswordByClassTestCase

Merge pull request #10499 from hsvabek/WFLY9328

WFLY-9328 unignore test in VaultToolTestCase

WFLY-9354 Fix error message when application client deployment cannot be found

[WFLY-9358] [WFLY-9351] [WFLY-9352] [WFLY-9350] [WFLY-9349] Remote EJB clustered node discovery is ignored

Merge pull request #10519 from kabir/upcore-3.0.3

Upgrade to core 3.0.3.Final

Upgrade to core 3.0.3.Final

Drop custom protocols - these are no longer necessary.

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[WFLY-9357] [WFLY-9382] Changes for lazy user transaction and related security enhancements

Merge pull request #10518 from psakar/WFLY-8418

[WFLY-8418] licenses fix

Validate that our externalizers actually reduce the marshalling payload.

Leverage @MetaInfServices

Merge pull request #10516 from jmesnil/WFLY-9345_upgrade_artemis_1.5.5.jbossorg-008

[WFLY-9345] Upgrade Artemis 1.5.5.jbossorg-008

licenses.xsl fix

WFLY-9348 Remove unnecessary port="0" from subsystem templates defining a multicast socket binding