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[WFLY-9558] Drop test methods that duplicate what testSubsystem does

Merge pull request #10593 from rpelisse/WFLY-9469

WFLY-9469 - Assumes in SPNEGOLoginModuleTestCase doen's make sense

Merge pull request #10649 from mkouba/WFLY-8656

WFLY-8656: External bean archives - support all bean discovery modes.

Merge pull request #10658 from jmesnil/WFLY-9553_pooled-connection-factory_statistics_registration

[WFLY-9553] Add the statistics resource at runtime

Merge pull request #10660 from jamezp/WFLY-9556

[WFLY-9556] Removed unmodified configuration files that can be inheri…

Split variable assignment and export into 2 lines

Prune obsolete dependencies.

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[WFLY-9346] IIOP: Use capability to obtain JSSE security domain dependency

[WFLY-9346] Security: Add dependency to JAAS JNDI binder service before starting JAAS security domain

WFLY-6456 Servlet 4.0 Support

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[WFLY-9556] Removed unmodified configuration files that can be inherited from the core-feature-pack.

Merge pull request #10621 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-9509

WFLY-9509 Only log warning about transaction attribute type if it was…

Merge pull request #10653 from pferraro/marshalling-spi

WFLY-9544 Reduce memory footprint of wildfly-clustering-marshalling-spi

WFLY-7028 Deprecate component=backup-for

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Restore individual externalizers. Consolidated implementation not compatible with Infinispan 9.

WFLY-9554 Test case for WFCORE-3416

... - User redirected with HTTP 301 instead of 302 in admin-only mode

Merge pull request #10656 from olukas/WFLY-9550

[WFLY-9550] SPNEGOLoginModuleTestCase intermittently fails with security manager

Merge pull request #10652 from iweiss/WFLY-8380

[WFLY-8380] Xerces usage tests fail with security manager on IBM JDK

Merge pull request #10650 from wfink/WFLY-9537

WFLY-9537 Fix ejb timer missing events during DST switch from summer to winter

Merge pull request #10609 from bstansberry/WFLY-9339

[WFLY-9339] Allow full testsuite to pass when WFCORE-3259 is fixed

Merge pull request #10362 from ctomc/spec-updates

JBEAP-12014 WFLY-8418 update spec jars to include proper licence info

Merge pull request #10655 from tadamski/WFLY-7085

[WFLY-7085] Verify that EJB business view methods are not declared final

Merge pull request #10648 from pferraro/marshalling

WFLY-9541 Logic added by WFLY-9497 should only apply to abstract superclasses.

Merge pull request #10639 from pferraro/hibernate

WFLY-9530 Ensure requisite cache configurations are defined when using InfinispanRegionFactory with standalone hibernate.

Merge pull request #10596 from jmesnil/WFLY-9471_CNFE_org.apache.activemq.artemis.addons

[WFLY-9471] Export org.apache.activemq.artemis.addons module

Merge pull request #10523 from ctomc/docs

introduce asciidoc powered documentation

Merge pull request #10512 from soul2zimate/WFLY-9324

[WFLY-9324] skip validation for drive-name in add handler

[WFLY-9553] Add the statistics resource at runtime

The statistics resource is added at runtime only if statistics-enabled

attribute is resolved to true.

JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-9553

Merge pull request #8449 from jimma/master

[WFLY-5759]:Local web-app.xsd can't be loaded to validate web.xml

Merge pull request #10651 from n1hility/decouple-jca

Remove hard resource adapter depedency between EJB and JCA, relocate …