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[AS7-6681] Fix ClassCastException in ClusteredSingleSignOn that aborts session expirations

AS7-6744 upgrade to Hibernate 4.2.0.Final

AS7-6586 BZ-923382 don't close the EntityManager from the Arjuna reaper thread (to avoid concurrency violation)

[AS7-6659] Invalid TimeoutException on OSGi web app bundle start

[AS7-6083] ConcurrentModificationException in ConfigAdminService

AS7-6686: fixes naming context and stores so security manager permissions are set using absolute names

AS7-6696: relaxes jndi permission actions string parsing to ignore case

AS7-6686: replacing previously added inmemory store basename accessors with constructors to ensure proper usage of the field

[AS7-6740] Remove dependency on unreliable bundle services

Testcase for AS7-6739

WFLY-426 Stub extensions for legacy configs; base infrastructure and CMP extension

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[AS7-5948] Bundle undeploy does not remove storage state

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Use canonical class names when resolving parameter types of method level annotations

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[AS7-6730] Modification to the security interceptors so that the push of the SecurityContext is separated from the authentication step.

Also wrap the Remoting Connection in the Credential so that it can reach the LoginModule instead of relyign on the ThreadLocal, this

means that the Credential will remain available until any intermediate bean sets an alternative.

add the WaitTimeInterceptor which was removed by fault with 3348ac39d016425b75c0205a15867ea9991e86f3

AS7-6734 Weld deployment can fail if there are multiple beans.xml files in the wrong place

[AS7-6736] Don't add the log4j library to the module.

Use privileged context to construct thread factories

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[AS7-6713] Some filter attributes require special validators.

Use a privileged block to access VFS resources

ObjectTypeValidator should only allow for ModelType.OBJECT for it's value.

[AS7-5891] Explicitly define public APIs for the OSGi subsystem

AS7-6724: Fixed resolving method-params for container-transactions in EJB DDs that contain arrays

[AS7-6730] New test case to test specifying an identity to run as from an unsecured EJB.

Fix test. Parsing of ViewState id updated for JSF 2.2

[WFLY-411] added support for reloading the trust store if the file is updated on the file system.

Upgrade few plugins & dependencies

* arquillian

* shrinkwrap

* checkstyle

* + fix problems that resulted as part of upgrades

Addressing AS7-6731 [bz920113]

Module dependency on xalan now uses services=import

Adding javadoc to various bits of the code

Fixes an issue where an error during sanitation causes

0 length files to be stored in the archive.

[AS7-6711] allow read-only access for active operations

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[AS7-6697]; remove VFS resource loader usage.

[AS7-6727] Modular build for Karaf broken

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AS76725 security><application/></security> for a RA should give PoolByCRI