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[WFLY-13445] Upgrade version.com.fasterxml.jackson to 2.10.4.

WFLY-13527 Thousand of unauthorized requests in between balancer and backend if backend is running in a cluster

WFLY-4699 Expose EJB3 deployment info (use StringListAttributeDefinition for list-type attributes)

[WFLY-13482] Exclude dependency legacy feature packs from licenses.xml generation

Merge pull request #13262 from ehsavoie/WFLY-13424

[WFLY-13424]: External pooled connection factory won't be properl injected if it has several JNDI entries.

Merge pull request #13131 from bstansberry/WFLY-12402

[WFLY-12402] Clean up test deployment use of management classes and t…

Merge pull request #13291 from hpehl/WFLY-13315

WFLY-13315: Upgrade HAL to 3.2.9.Final

Merge pull request #13290 from jfdenise/WFLY-13461

Fix for WFLY-13461, Jaxrs requires bean-validation when cdi is present

Merge pull request #13287 from jamezp/WFLY-13468

[WFLY-13468] Upgrade codehaus/jackson from 1.9.13.redhat-00006 to 1.9…

Merge pull request #13285 from elguardian/WFLY-13386

[WFLY-13386] Hung process instances and associated server.log WARN "Failed to reinstate timer 'kie-server.kie-server.EJBTimerScheduler' "

Merge pull request #13284 from pferraro/WFLY-13460

WFLY-13460 Skip mutability check for array attribute values

Merge pull request #13282 from pferraro/infinispan

Port hotrod session manager fixes from Infinispan 10.1.x branch

Merge pull request #13280 from msfm/master_WFLY-13447

WFLY-13447 Fix the comparator implementation for sorting undertow filter-ref

Merge pull request #13275 from bstansberry/WFLY-13441

[WFLY-13441] Upgrade classmate from 1.3.4 to 1.5.1

Merge pull request #13243 from pferraro/WFLY-13410

WFLY-13410, WFLY-13411, WFLY-13417 Marshalling optimizations and tweaks.

Merge pull request #13183 from chengfang/WFLY-12733-refresh-timer

WFLY-12733 EJB Timers: Forcing refresh timers in a database-data-stor…

Merge pull request #12936 from rmartinc/WFLY-12999

[WFLY-12999] EJB Client authentication does not work using SASL DIGEST-MD5 and EXTERNAL mechanisms in Legacy security - test

Merge pull request #12826 from chengfang/WFLY-12680-global-stateful-timeout

WFLY-12680 Ability to configure default global stateful timeout for S…

WFLY-13315: Upgrade HAL to 3.2.9.Final

Fix for WFLY-13461, Jaxrs requires bean-validation when cdi is present

WFLY-12674 wildfly.jpa.skipquerydetach doc improvement

Merge branch 'master' into WFLY-12674_wildfly.jpa.skipquerydetach

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Only install services necessary to create a Registry.

Fix ServiceName escaping issues.

Merge pull request #12538 from fjuma/WFLY-12218

[WFLY-12218] Add support for automatically adding and updating credentials in a credential store

Generalize Collection->Iterable in clustering SPIs

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WFLY-13469 Decouple distributed SFSB cache from client mappings registry

Only install services for which a ServiceName can be generated

[WFLY-13549] Disable unmarshalling of arbitrary classes via RemoteNamingService

[WFLY-13549] Disable unmarshalling of arbitrary classes via HttpRemoteNamingService