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Restore individual externalizers. Consolidated implementation not compatible with Infinispan 9.

WFLY-9554 Test case for WFCORE-3416

... - User redirected with HTTP 301 instead of 302 in admin-only mode

Merge pull request #10656 from olukas/WFLY-9550

[WFLY-9550] SPNEGOLoginModuleTestCase intermittently fails with security manager

Merge pull request #10652 from iweiss/WFLY-8380

[WFLY-8380] Xerces usage tests fail with security manager on IBM JDK

Merge pull request #10650 from wfink/WFLY-9537

WFLY-9537 Fix ejb timer missing events during DST switch from summer to winter

Merge pull request #10609 from bstansberry/WFLY-9339

[WFLY-9339] Allow full testsuite to pass when WFCORE-3259 is fixed

Merge pull request #10362 from ctomc/spec-updates

JBEAP-12014 WFLY-8418 update spec jars to include proper licence info

Merge pull request #10655 from tadamski/WFLY-7085

[WFLY-7085] Verify that EJB business view methods are not declared final

Merge pull request #10648 from pferraro/marshalling

WFLY-9541 Logic added by WFLY-9497 should only apply to abstract superclasses.

Merge pull request #10639 from pferraro/hibernate

WFLY-9530 Ensure requisite cache configurations are defined when using InfinispanRegionFactory with standalone hibernate.

Merge pull request #10596 from jmesnil/WFLY-9471_CNFE_org.apache.activemq.artemis.addons

[WFLY-9471] Export org.apache.activemq.artemis.addons module

Merge pull request #10523 from ctomc/docs

introduce asciidoc powered documentation

Merge pull request #10512 from soul2zimate/WFLY-9324

[WFLY-9324] skip validation for drive-name in add handler

[WFLY-9553] Add the statistics resource at runtime

The statistics resource is added at runtime only if statistics-enabled

attribute is resolved to true.

JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-9553

Merge pull request #8449 from jimma/master

[WFLY-5759]:Local web-app.xsd can't be loaded to validate web.xml

Merge pull request #10651 from n1hility/decouple-jca

Remove hard resource adapter depedency between EJB and JCA, relocate …

WFLY-9530 HibernateSecondLevelCacheTestCase improvements (join Hibernate session to JTA transaction, test clear of 2lc, dirty 2lc read after cache clear)

Deprecate cache mode. Transform mode to SYNC for legacy model versions.

[WFLY-9550] SPNEGOLoginModuleTestCase intermittently fails with security manager

[WFLY-7085] Verify that EJB business view methods are not declared final

WFLY-8417 Create DistributedWorkManager implementation based on WF clustering API

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IndexExternalizer.INTEGER is more efficient than IndexExternalizer.VARIABLE for very large index sizes.

Add externalizers for natural and reverse order comparators.

Add externalizer for TimeUnit.

Consolidate tests for enum externalizers.

Tidy generics usage.

Use shared InstantExternalizer instance.

Leverage ValueExternalizer base implementation.

Marshal byte array size using IndexExternalizer.VARIABLE

IndexExternalizerTestCase should validate that IndexExternalizer.select(...) always chooses the most optimal externalizer implementation for a given power of 2.