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WFLY-10541 Allow the user to override the Narayana node name on the command line

[WFLY-10288] Remove javax.mail 1.5.6.Final and move to 1.6.1.Final for Java EE 8

Drop orphaned org.apache.commons.pool module.

WFLY-10689 Drop obsolete Infinispan dependency on commons-pool.

WFLY-10686 Fixing DS statistics tests after JBJCA-1375

JBJCA-1375 is changing when JCA pool statistics are reset. Originally the stats were reset whenever setEnabled(boolean) was called, no matter the value. In the changed impl the reset only happens if the enabled value has changed.

[WFLY-10484] Upgrade Picketlink from 2.5.5.SP11 to 2.5.5.SP12

[WFCORE-2953] Add documentation for the socket-handler on the logging subsystem.

Update the logging handler documentation. Some minor clean up with attributes.

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[WFLY-10533] Test configures JASPI in security subsystem and sends HTTP request to the deployed web application with the FORM authentication.

[WFLY-10670] servlet galleon-pack domain-interfaces.xml uses wrong interface feature spec

Merge pull request #11396 from jmesnil/WFLY-10667_upgrade_wildfly-core_6.0.0.Alpha3

[WFLY-10667] Upgrade WildFly Core 6.0.0.Alpha3

Merge pull request #11391 from rhusar/WFLY-10663

WFLY-10663 Upgrade mod_cluster to 1.3.10.Final

Merge pull request #11387 from pferraro/ejb

WFLY-10652 Fix singleton MDBs following singleton service API changes.

Merge pull request #11378 from asoldano/RESTEASY-3.6

[WFLY-10632] RESTEasy 3.6.0

Fix confusing description of size attribute for memory=object.

Fix CacheConfigurationException if cache memory was configured with a specific max size, but ejb cache max-size is unbounded.

WFLY-10649 Fix CacheConfigurationException if cache memory was configured with a maximum size, but max-active-sessions is unbounded.

[WFLY-10614] Add documentation for using the 'application-security-domain' resource within the Undertow subsystem.

[WFLY-10614] Define an alternative HTTP authentication factory for the -Delytron profile tests for EJB over HTTP security.

WFLY-10668 Upgrade Narayana to 5.9.0.Final

Merge remote-tracking branch 'incubator/pr/208' into WFLY-10614_II

Revert "[WFLY-10614] Temporarily ignore test case until latest CLI changes available in WildFly Core tag."

This reverts commit 113ed6cbba2ec04bed0accde9f7d0ffa8543690d.

[WFLY-10614] Temporarily ignore test case until latest CLI changes available in WildFly Core tag.

[WFLY-10614] Update the testsuite scripts used in the -Delytron profile to no longer reference a http-authentication-factory in the application-security-domain resource in the Undertow subsystem.

[WFLY-10614] Further work on the application-security-domain resource to use a runtime capability API to obtain the current referenced deployments.

[WFLY-10421] Changes to make servlet distribution legacy looks like servlet distribution

[WFLY-10421] Re-arrange and indent licenses-merged.xls files

[WFLY-10667] Upgrade WildFly Core 6.0.0.Alpha3

JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-10667

WFLY-10666 ApplicationSecurityDomainDefinition.knownApplicationSecurityDomains is not synchronised correctly

[WFCORE-3396] Add documentation for the management operations for certificate authority account management and for obtaining and revoking certificates

[WFLY-10421] Use project enviroment variables for the xsl file used to create the licence html files in the distributions

[WFLY-10421] Remove tab character in dist-legacy/pom.xml