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[AS7-4249]; fix lifecycle methods handling.

[JBQA-5855] Nested bean added to clustering passivation test

Update to Console 1.2.0.Final:

- Accessibility improvements

- Improved IE Support (css did not load)

- General bugfixes

Finish deploy meta command. Add help button to display CLI help files. Start on undeploy meta command.

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Configuration parameter resteasy.scan.providers TestCases

add missing throw statements

* the MessagingSubsystemParser was creating XMLStreamException but forgot

to throw them

AS7-4019 add in-vm and client test cases

Weld 1.1.6

AS7-3858 handle when application sets 'hibernate.cache.region_prefix'

[JBQA-5855] SLSB simple loadbalancing test

[AS7-4269] BindingRegistry failure after unbind()

* add unit test to track down the failure related to unbind/bind

sequence when recreating a Connection Factory

* in AS7BindingRegistry.unbind(), use a countdown latch to ensure

that the binder service is effectively removed when the method


Add explicit versions and dependency declarations for JBoss OSGi dependencies

[AS7-3896] fixing prior incorrectly renamed abstract case (ooops)

[AS7-4192] tweak execution path


Unnecessary archive export removed

WS-Security tests [JBQA-5913]

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AS7-4241 Throw exception if user attempts to add a binding to a non-global namespace

AS7-4240 list() operation does not work on empty java:comp/env context

Maven dependency tree cleanup and change version properties to follow conventions

AS7-4071 - upgrade to Hibernate 4.1.1

[AS7-4090] Fixed up CacheContainerRemove.recoverServices() and CacheRemove.recoverServices(). Added Byteman based rollback test.

adding a delimiter to the jarinfo.txt generated by JDR

AS7-4234 - Remove unnecessary timeout

Revert "AS7-1954 in basic/integration"

This reverts commit 73fbc565dc30315621bd28c1a65828805280be67.

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Revert "Change test structure"

This reverts commit bfe68a464221357f1a22aa07cef18c26c05cff24.



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AS7-3881: HornetQ multicast configuration

* replace jboss.messaging.group.port property to preven a validation


Get rid of call to 'setup'. It was needed once upon a time but no longer

Set allowConnectToRunningServer=false. It is a good reminder when processing pulls to turn off any running servers

[JBQA-6058] migrated updated CleanShutdownTestCase from AS 5 TS