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Separate legacy parser -- just warning / info atm.

[JBQA-5451] EJBTHREE->AS7: ejbthree1945 (RunasPrincipal annotation)

Allow for legacy MC bean deployment to be parsed as well.

[AS7-809] Converted the deployment-management subsystem to use i18n loggers and messages.

Make JBWS3207TestCase integrate with Arquillian since it counts on Arq having started the server

[AS7-809] Converted the deployment-http-api subsystem to use i18n loggers and messages.

update the domain tests to start the domain only once

Implement support for remote EJB invocation on proxies returned by JNDI lookup

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[JBWS-3376] changing jboss-webservices.xml file format

Make the connector stuff use the original model node before trying to resolve the passwords

AS7-2439: increase timeout and add a progress listener before checking progress

[AS7-2520] Initial support for callbackhandler in RemoteDeployer

Cosmetic change

Cosmetic change

Removed redundant @Inject

[JBTM-946] XTS always advertises localhost:8080 as RegistrationService address in CoordinationContext

Fix test when running with JTS

Update to console 1.0.0.Beta24

Fix problem with datasource proxy handler when TX spans multiple threads

Fix issues caused by rebase. Follow up on Brian's github comments

Add ability to run integration tests against a config with JTS enabled

Add more TX proagation tests

Fix XSLT stylesheet

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AS7-2517: fix the main.xml

[AS7-809] Converted the deployment-scanner subsystem to use i18n loggers and messages.

Bean factory tests.

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Timer service cleanup

[AS7-809] Converted the deployment-repository subsystem to use i18n loggers and messages.

Fix for AS7-1897.

Extract bean lifecycle methods to utils.

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