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WFLY-12086 Hibernate 2lc should be enabled if Hibernate cache properties are enabled and shared cache mode is not set to NONE

Minor change : add todo comment

[WFLY-11908] Bring subsystem namespace versions up to date in appclient.xml

Refactor session activation/binding listener logic to be sharable between session manager implementations.

Merge pull request #12133 from rachmatowicz/WFLY-11682

[WFLY-11682] Send CLUSTER_REMOVED message to client when last node in cluster leaves.

Merge pull request #12293 from ronsigal/master

Upgrade RESTEasy to 3.7.0.Final

[WFLY-12174]: Configure internal broker not to check for configuration changes.

* Setting the configurationFileRefreshPeriod to -1 to avoid reloading of


Jira: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-12174

Merge pull request #12030 from rachmatowicz/WFLY-11489

[WFLY-11489] Correct assignment of EJB client affinties on server side.

Next is 17.0.0.Beta1

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Prepare for 17.0.0.Alpha1 release

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Merge pull request #12276 from bstansberry/WFLY-12067

[WFLY-12067] Reorganize pom properties to clearly segregate props sol…

Merge pull request #12299 from bstansberry/pullRequest12296

Fix for WFLY-12080, Upgrade galleon-plugins to 4.0.1

Merge pull request #12292 from pferraro/weld

Drop workaround for WELD-2577 following upgrade to 3.1.1.Final.

Merge pull request #12290 from yersan/tasks/WFLY-12076

[WFLY-12076] Use maven project.groupId for the aggregation of galleonfeature-pack offliner files

Merge pull request #12286 from hpehl/WFLY-12001

[WFLY-12001] Upgrade HAL to 3.2.0.Final

Merge pull request #12264 from jamezp/WFLY-11031

[WFLY-11031] Introduce a console-access-log for web access logging

[WFLY-12070]:Exclude more transitive dependencies for jdk11

Fix for WFLY-12080, Upgrade Galleon to 4.0.1

WFLY-12071: use management name for deployment address

[WFLY-12070]:Add permission to fix xts tests; This permission is required because CXF-8042

Drop workaround for WELD-2577 following upgrade to 3.1.1.Final.

Merge pull request #12150 from ehsavoie/WFLY-11828

[WFLY-11828]: Bump messaging schema version to 7.0

[WFLY-12076] Use maven project.groupId for the aggregation of galleon feature-pack offliner files

WFLY-12001: Upgrade HAL to 3.2.0.Final

WFLY-12032 EJB subsystem doesn't set TCCL when deserializing request

[WFLY-12070]:Exclude cxf transtive dependencies for jdk11

Upgrade RESTEasy to 3.7.0.Final

[WFLY-11987] Update feature-pack modules.

[WFLY-11987] resteasy-validator-provider-11 -> resteasy-validator-provider

in pom.xml, feature-pack/pom.xml

[WFLY-11987] Fix circular dependency wrt resteasy-jackson2-provider in galleon-pack

[WFLY-11987] Fix circular dependency wrt resteasy-jackson2-provider

Upgrade RESTEasy to 3.7.0.Final:

1. Changed RESTEASY_VALIDATOR_11 to RESTEASY_VALIDATOR in wildfly-jaxrs

2. Fix resteasy-validator-provider module.xml in feature-pack.

Upgrade RESTEasy to 3.7.0.Final: Restore resteasy-validator-provider-11.

Merge pull request #12277 from tadamski/WFLY-12068

[WFLY-12068] Update openjdk-orb 8.1.4.Final

Merge pull request #12206 from darranl/WFLY-11923

[WFLY-11923] Test case and documentation addition for JDBC SecurityRealm enhancements/

Merge pull request #12279 from jmesnil/WFLY-12069_upgrade_wildfly-core_9.0.0.Beta6

[WFLY-12069] Upgrade WildFly Core 9.0.0.Beta6