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[WFLY-12133] Add documentation on Elytron evidence decoders

[WFLY-12132] Upgrade WildFly Core 9.0.0.Beta7

JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-12132

[WFLY-12131] Missing clustering web configurations in the legacy builds

[WFLY-12130] Remove duplicate host-exclude from legacy build template config file

WFLY-12071: add testcase

[WFLY-12101] Test for EJBCLIENT-335, display host:port on connecting to server error

[WFLY-12101] Test for EJBCLIENT-335, display host:port on connecting to server error

[WFLY-12101] Test for EJBCLIENT-335, display host:port on connecting to server error

Next is 17.0.0.Final

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Increment distributable-web model/schema schema versions for WF18.

Prepare for 17.0.0.Beta1 release

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Workaround for WFLY-12128

WFLY-12127 ClientClusterNodeSelectorTestCase leaks CustomClusterNodeSelector to other tests; cleanup

WFLY-9776 Clustering testsuite: remove reuseFork=false workaround

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[WFLY-12123] Support SSL Certificate revocation using OCSP community docs



[WFLY-12124] SSL certificate revocation list community docs


[WFLY-12122] Upgrade to component matrix 1.0.3.Final

[WFLY-12120] Upgrade websockets-api 1.1 to 1.1.4.Final

[WFLY-6143] Server interceptors: load,index once and lazily

[WFLY-6143] Clean and improve bean/module deployments, add AroundTimeout test and ScheduleBean class

[WFLY-6143] Server interceptors: add interceptors to timer view

WFLY-12113 Upgrade jgroups-kubernetes to 1.0.9.Final

Merge pull request #12309 from jamezp/WFLY-12108

[WFLY-12108] Use a timeout utility instead of a sleep. Also remove th…

Merge pull request #12308 from darranl/WFLY-12107

[WFLY-12107] Upgrade JBoss Negotiation to 3.0.6.Final

Merge pull request #12306 from jamezp/minor-doc-fix

Add a missing letter in the logging documentation

Merge pull request #12304 from yersan/tasks/WFLY-12096

[WFLY-12096] Do not use hardcoded name to point to the provisioned server dist module

Merge pull request #12281 from ehsavoie/WFLY-11829

[WFLY-11829]: Support messaging clusters (Artemis Clusters) behind HTTP load balancers.

Merge pull request #12239 from ropalka/WFLY-11967

[WFLY-11967] Eliminating CapabilityServiceTarget.addCapability() deprecated method usages

Merge pull request #11662 from pferraro/remote

WFLY-7719 HotRod-based distributed session manager

[WFLY-12090] At TransactionSubsystemAdd, make RemoteTransactionServiceService ACTIVE, when adding the optional capability dependency of TRANSACTION_CAPABILITY on REMOTING_ENDPOINT_CAPABILITY_NAME, to guarantee that remoting transaction service is UP if a XA Recovery of remote SubordinateXAResources has to be performed