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Upgrade Weld to 1.1.4.Final

[AS7-1706] Fix and change to require reload.

[AS7-2737] Preventing NPEs

[AS7-2735] Add non-interactive options for the add user utility.

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AS7-2680 Update the Infinispan namespace in both domain profiles Add clustering subsystems to domain testsuite config

AS7-1188 Possible to remove a jdbc driver from a server-group, when still in use

Upgrade JBoss Remoting to 3.2.0.CR3

AS7-2672 validate the combination of arguments before performing any deployment-related operation

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AS7-2675: schema changes

Upgrade to 3.0.0.CR4 of XNIO

[AS7-2586] Add descriptive error pages to error context.

[AS7-2636] Refactor JAXR subsystem into a deployable application - no test integration

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[AS7-2726] remove empty steps

[AS7-2683] use correct op handler

Only narrow if an actual CORBA object

Set correct TCCL when de-serializing

add javax.api dependency to netty module to fix JBCTS-1180

Revert "Remove JAXR subsystem"

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Add transaction interceptor to MDB

Switch default to a web++ profile. Introduce full profile

Add support for transaction attribute per view type

Prevent transactions from leaking from servlet requests

AS7-2713 Setup correct dependencies for the namespace context selector, so web deployments will not start until it is ready

Pass NoSuchEjbException back through the interceptor

Move arq.xml's to src/test/config/arq and update the rest accordingly (add that dir as <additionalClasspathElement>).

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AS7-1932 Apply attributes directly or require restart

More work on EJB 2.x exception behaviour

AS7-2668 Module javax.enterprise.api does not define dependency on javax.interceptor.api

Use correct EE application name

Fix async merging