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Merge pull request #5565 from mkouba/RESTEASY-991

RESTEASY-991 Add integration test that JAX-RS components are CDI beans

Merge commit 'refs/pull/5564/head' of github.com:wildfly/wildfly



Merge pull request #5563 from emmartins/WFLY-2598

WFLY-2598: fixes scheduledTimerFutures synchronization between timer cre...

Merge pull request #5562 from stuartwdouglas/undertow

Revert "Use virtual file based resource manager to make sure deployment ...

Merge pull request #5549 from dmlloyd/tempcl-deadlock

Prevent possible deadlocks relating to intermixing of parallel-capable a...

Merge pull request #5548 from kabir/security-subsystem-fixes

Security subsystem transformer fixes

Merge commit 'refs/pull/5460/head' of github.com:wildfly/wildfly



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Merge pull request #5504 from pferraro/ejb

WFLY-2419, WFLY-2363 SFSBs should be distributable by default in HA profiles, deprecate @Clustered

Merge pull request #5481 from jamezp/batch-updates

Add JDBC support to the batch subsystem

Merge pull request #5571 from scottmarlow/WFLY_2272

WFLY_2272 upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.3.0.CR2

[WFLY-2243] Fixing resource adapters transformers and tests

WFLY-2618 : Intermittent 'AssertionError: expected:<200> but was:<500>' in org.jboss.as.test.manualmode.ws.ReloadWSDLPublisherTestCase.testHelloStringAfterReload The test was failing intermittently because per default the JVM is using HttpConnection with keep-alive and a timeout of 5s. By setting the keep-alive to false in the setup and setting it to the value before the test on tear down we ensure a more stable test.

[WFLY-490] domain tests are passing JVM arguments to servers just like integration tests

[WFLY-2614] Added error messages to indicate where an invalid alias is specified or if a key store with no keys is provided.

[WFLY-2614] Reserving additional message IDs in the range 21000-21099.

[WFLY-2558] fix patching test assertion

Ignore annotations that cannot be loaded

Ignore annotations that cannot be loaded

Ignore annotations that cannot be loaded

[WFLY-2527] Be more lenient about read-operation-description for invalid wildcard addresses

WFLY_2272 upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.3.0.CR2

add Principal to subject

Principal is only added to subject if we use RemotingConnectionCredential or when there is no Principal at all.

If we have valid principal we forget about it.

This causes org.jboss.security.auth.spi.RoleMappingLoginModule to be broken.

I'm not sure if this fix is correct (we can always get Principal from callbackHandler in LoginModule).

Another question what to do with roles? (JbossCallbackHandler don't contain this information) and what to do with roles added in LoginModule

Making a field final

Making a field final

Exclude some plugins from the Eclipse build

[WFLY-2128] JMS one-port support

* add http-connector and http-acceptor resources to handle connections

from HTTP and upgrade to HornetQ protocol.

* use netty-xnio-transport to wrap the XNIO channel into a Netty channel

to hand it over to HornetQ server.

* component changes:

* add org.jboss.xnio.netty:netty-xnio-transport:0.1.0

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WFLY-2610 vault tool can take an external password

[WFLY-2609] Consistently use DeploymentManagementResourceRegistration where subsystems may mutate the deployment resource registration tree

[WFLY-2527] Support wildcard ops in domain mode when there is no wildcard registration

[JBWS-3708] Using new CommonConfigStore concept for updating client configs; adding a passive initial mode service triggered only when XTS subsystem is available, for updating the client config store