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[WFLY-2231] Fixing datasources transformers and tests

Merge pull request #5577 from jamezp/WFLY-2616

[WFLY-2616] Add SEVERE logging level to the valid list of levels.

Merge pull request #5570 from wojtask9/patch-1

add Principal to subject

Revert "Merge commit 'refs/pull/5460/head' of github.com:wildfly/wildfly"

This reverts commit eab955383f9f0647f00e5782998de88600ec62a1, reversing

changes made to 3259a05a2ef9601f3515c5a1cc89f1a9cbd419a3.

[WFLY-2616] Add SEVERE logging level to the valid list of levels.

Merge pull request #5576 from ehsavoie/WFLY-2618

WFLY-2618 : Intermittent 'AssertionError: expected:<200> but was:<500>' ...

Merge pull request #5569 from adietish/WFLY-753

[WFLY-671] re-enabled test, corrected assertion msg, reduced timezones

Merge pull request #5567 from jamezp/WFLY-2595

[WFLY-2595] Rewrite the logging DUP's. Ensure the undeploy unregisters the log contexts so class loaders and log contexts aren't leaked.

Merge pull request #5566 from aloubyansky/cli-variables

https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-1063 Provide CLI preferences (cli variables)

Fix transient failures in CommandDispatcherTestCase.

WFLY-2621 Zero Timeout Stateful EJB Leak (clustered) Applies WFLY-2590 fix to distributed cache. Also removes redundant volatile boolean from WFLY-2590 fix.

Merge pull request #5565 from mkouba/RESTEASY-991

RESTEASY-991 Add integration test that JAX-RS components are CDI beans

Merge commit 'refs/pull/5564/head' of github.com:wildfly/wildfly



Merge pull request #5563 from emmartins/WFLY-2598

WFLY-2598: fixes scheduledTimerFutures synchronization between timer cre...

Merge pull request #5562 from stuartwdouglas/undertow

Revert "Use virtual file based resource manager to make sure deployment ...

Merge pull request #5549 from dmlloyd/tempcl-deadlock

Prevent possible deadlocks relating to intermixing of parallel-capable a...

Merge pull request #5548 from kabir/security-subsystem-fixes

Security subsystem transformer fixes

Merge commit 'refs/pull/5460/head' of github.com:wildfly/wildfly



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Merge pull request #5504 from pferraro/ejb

WFLY-2419, WFLY-2363 SFSBs should be distributable by default in HA profiles, deprecate @Clustered

Merge pull request #5481 from jamezp/batch-updates

Add JDBC support to the batch subsystem

Merge pull request #5571 from scottmarlow/WFLY_2272

WFLY_2272 upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.3.0.CR2

[WFLY-2243] Fixing resource adapters transformers and tests

WFLY-2618 : Intermittent 'AssertionError: expected:<200> but was:<500>' in org.jboss.as.test.manualmode.ws.ReloadWSDLPublisherTestCase.testHelloStringAfterReload The test was failing intermittently because per default the JVM is using HttpConnection with keep-alive and a timeout of 5s. By setting the keep-alive to false in the setup and setting it to the value before the test on tear down we ensure a more stable test.

[WFLY-490] domain tests are passing JVM arguments to servers just like integration tests

[WFLY-2614] Added error messages to indicate where an invalid alias is specified or if a key store with no keys is provided.

[WFLY-2614] Reserving additional message IDs in the range 21000-21099.

[WFLY-2558] fix patching test assertion

Ignore annotations that cannot be loaded

Ignore annotations that cannot be loaded

Ignore annotations that cannot be loaded