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Don't throw error in OperationTransformers on "way out", the host might have changed their ignores after the initial registration

Add composite operation test to logging subsystem.

AS7-6407 - improve security transformers

* add support for discardOperations(String ... ops) to builder API

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Get rid of unused TransformationPolicy

AS7-6441 - Transaction automatically started for MDB even though it uses BMT

AS7-6436 tearDown methods of ServerSetupTask should be called in reverse order to avoid service dependencies problems.

Cleanup threads subsystem tests & add support for deprecating extensions

* Remove legacy threads tests (before subsystem test framework)

WS reject transformers and tests

AS7-6349 Upgrade to Infinispan 5.2.0.Final

Fix composite operation transformers.

AS7-6168 component upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.2.0.CR1

Fix message

[AS7-6434] Reject resources. Similar to discard but gives an error/warning.

Make the discard and reject checkers created from the builder recursive

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Failure description in TransformationRule.ChainedTransformedOperation

Get rid of ChainedResourceTransformer usages

[AS7-6334] Better transformers for JacORB

AS7-3208 format generated help content for generic type commands taking into account the current terminal width

[AS7-6334] 7.1.2/3 tests of infinispan subsystem

[AS7-6334] add expression testing to the messaging subsystem

* convert the messaging transformers to the new builder API

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[AS7-6334] Placeholder tests for xts

AS7-4931 - adding system properties for configuration history length and number of days

[AS7-6334] Nicer error message if attempt to use deployment-scanner in domain mode

Revert JGroups stack:add() signature back to original 1.1 api version.

Test and transformer for the EE subsystem.

Although the model version is the same now as it was in 7.1.2 and 7.1.3, there was a

bug in 7.1.2 (AS7-4892) which we need to work around, so we need a transformer.

Add zanata dependency to the core-model-test/test-controller-7.1.2 pom as it uses the jboss-parent pom for it's parent. Not having zanata as a dependency causes a build failure when running the plugin.

AS7-6334 Run threads transformation tests against both 7.1.2 and 7.1.3

AS7-6412 TransformerLogger improvements

[AS7-6334] add expression testing to the transaction module

* make sure only attributes that have allowed expressions since legacy versions are rejected by the transformers

Don't convert type in RejectExpressionConfig, that is a job for the transformer