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Update javadoc script to match new modules dir structure.

AS7-6601 Bump messaging mgmt API to 1.2.1

[AS7-6647] OSGI tests failing intermittently

[AS7-6700] Remove R5 org.osgi.enterprise

AS7-6601 Bump infinispan mgmt API to 1.4.1

Back out OSGi HTTP service change

AS7-6159 added tests for certificate based authentication in remoting

[AS7-6664] Set the enabled attribute in the legacy enable/disable operations.

Added tests for each writable attribute. Fixed issues found by the tests.

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AS7-6690 only add the WebNonTxEmCloserAction web value once.

Add the appropriate VirtualFilePermission per resource root

AS7-6651 Fix marshalling of domain controller discovery options

Fix up the EjbMessages commit

make building instructions prefer prepared build script

[AS7-6693] Integrate R5 Core Framework

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[AS7-6694] Fix RemoteConnectionFactory for HA profiles

add a HA-REMOTE-CONNECTION-FACTORY placeholder in messaging

subsystem configuration to set HA related attributes that allows clients

using this connection factory to failover to backup.

AS7-6561 EJB 3.2 support - Add support for disabling passivation of @Stateful beans as allowed by EJB 3.2 spec

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Privileged actions in VFSResourceLoader

Change the API somewhat

Update VFS to 3.2.0.Beta1

Fix web services problem

Remove module dependencies

Remove web dependencies from OSGi

Initial work on web-common host representation

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Include the component name in the deployment failure log message

Update the deployment failure log message to contain the component name

AS7-6691 SingletonService.getValue() throws NPE if not started

Don't use the status code of 401 as that is specifically used when sending a challenge to the client, 403 is better suited where the request reaches the resource but we still choose not to fulfil the request.

[AS7-947] fix rebase issues

[AS7-462] get rid of boot module

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Comment the non-i18n throws to point out that they will not get hit by users