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[WFLY-2218] Make LegacyKernelServicesInitializer.addMavenResourceURL() take a varargs of maven gavs

WFLY-2533 - fix typo

WFLY-1317 unignore LdapExtLoginModuleTestCase tests for role search with slash in a role-name

Undertow 1.0.0.Beta26

This fixes a few issues with JASPI:

* Pre-emptive authetication (AUTH_SUCCESS & null UserPrinciplal

handling) (spec

* Always call secureResponse (spec Point(3))

* Properly fill org.jboss.security.SecurityContext by using

org.jboss.security.auth.callback.JASPICallbackHandler, so that EJB

propgation has a chance to work

WFLY-1701 Race condition during server start-up - RA not deployed

Prevent possible deadlocks relating to intermixing of parallel-capable and non-lockless class loaders

[WFLY-2478] Fix Infinispan EAP transformers.

[WFLY-671] re-enabled test, corrected assertion msg, reduced timezones

[JBWS-3739] Enforce jbossws-spi metadata immutability

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[JBWS-3739] Enforce jbossws-spi metadata immutability

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WFLY-2590: upon release of a stateful ejb instance, remove it from the cache if the timeout is zero

[WFLY-2588] Handle additional quotes in system properties correctly

[WFLY-2451] Adding unit test + some formatting / indentation fixes

[WFLY-2451] Adding unit test + some formatting / indentation fixes

[WFLY-2364] ensure @Pool has a value

[WFLY-2587] Don't append =true to valueless system properties

WFLY-2561: multi deployments using in-order may deadlock even if weld start service depends only on binder services

Update welcome content

[WFLY-2585] Accessing the current AccessControlContext needs to happen outside of the privileged action - otherwise the AccessControlContext is being replaced.

[WFLY-2586] Make the AddressValidator more lenient with IPv6 addresses specified the same as if they were a URL...

https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-2574 use JAVA_HOME/bin/java instead of the default java on the path

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[WFLY-2545] IronJacamar 1.1.2.Final

Fix byteman tests on windows

WFLY-2247 Add javax.transaction.api to JDBC module

WFLY-2243 adding tests for resource-adapters subsystem transformers for 7.2.0

WFLY-2231 datasources subsystem transformers for 7.2.0

[WFLY-2583] Parse run-as role lists

fix tests

[WFLY-2451] Adding integration testcase