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Merge pull request #12138 from gaol/WFLY-11751

[WFLY-11751] Error in JBoss Management Console when clicking on the deployed subsystem jaxrs/rest-resource

Merge pull request #12252 from jmesnil/WFLY-12041_upgrade_wildfly-core_9.0.0.Beta4

[WFLY-12041] Upgrade WildFly Core 9.0.0.Beta4

Merge pull request #12251 from emmartins/WFLY-12039

[WFLY-12039][JBEAP-16818] adding TCCL setup/reset to the null context…

Add replicated and remote elytron SSO tests.

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[WFLY-12029] Upgrade wildfly-checkstyle-config to version 1.0.8.Final and remove the plug-in override.

[WFLY-12028] Upgrade jboss-parent to version 35.

[WFLY-12041] Upgrade WildFly Core 9.0.0.Beta4

JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-12041

[WFLY-12039][JBEAP-16818] adding TCCL setup/reset to the null context handle

Refactor/generalize FineSessionAttributes into org.wildfly.clustering.web.cache module

[WFLY-12036]:Upgrade jaxbintros to 1.0.3.GA

Merge pull request #12249 from pferraro/singleton

WFLY-12022 Concurrent singleton service installation can cause service to run simultaneously on 2 members

Merge pull request #12246 from fl4via/WFLY-11965

[WFLY-11965] Upgrade WildFly HTTP Client to 1.0.15.Final

Merge pull request #12244 from spyrkob/WFLY-10798

[WFLY-10798] Setting correct TCCL for Datasource constructor

Merge pull request #12241 from pferraro/marshalling

WFLY-11854 Distributable session manager cannot detect immutable external classes

Merge pull request #12209 from pferraro/infinispan

WFLY-5685 Deployment-specific caches do not expose management metrics operations

Merge pull request #12180 from scottmarlow/WFLY-11891_bytecodeenhance

WFLY-11891 Add tests that enable JPA entity class bytecode enhancement

WFLY-12022 Concurrent singleton service installation can cause service to run simultaneously on 2 members.

[WFLY-12021] Clean up expanded legacy version zips

Merge pull request #11802 from yersan/bugs/WFLY-11186

[WFLY-11186][WFLY-11187] Declare a capability for weld subsystem

[WFLY-11186][WFLY-11187] Weld subsystem should declare a capability

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[WFLY-11965] Upgrade WildFly HTTP Client to 1.0.15.Final

WFLY-12014 Distributed session manager should not assume unmodifiable sets are immutable

[WFLY-6143] EJB server interceptors: make interceptors object list attribute of the subsystem

Merge pull request #12242 from gbadner/WFLY-12008_WFLY-11875

WFLY-12008 WFLY-11875 - Upgrade Hibernate ORM to 5.3.10.Final; upgrade Javassist to 3.23.2-GA

Merge pull request #12238 from tadamski/ejb-spec

[WFLY-12007] Upgrade jboss-ejb-api_3.2_spec to 1.0.2.Final

Merge pull request #12237 from soul2zimate/WFLY-12006-master

WFLY-12006 EJB3 IIOP attributes enable-by-default and use-qualified-name should be required

Merge pull request #12235 from ropalka/WFLY-11976

[WFLY-11976] Upgrading WildFly-Naming-Client to 1.0.10.Final

Merge pull request #12220 from chengfang/WFLY-11906

WFLY-11906 Managed Executor Task Fails with CDI if created from Batch…

Merge pull request #12217 from TomasHofman/WFLY-11870

WFLY-11870 Do not process resource annotations on abstract classes or …

Merge pull request #12198 from michpetrov/wfly-9477

WFLY-9477: avoid registering ROOT.war as default web module more than…