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Merge pull request #11091 from pferraro/jgroups

WFLY-10171 Use default conn_expiry_timeout for UNICAST3.

[WFLY-10175] Deprecate and disuse injected TM and TSR in EJBComponent

[WFLY-10146] Roll back undeclared throwable system exceptions in caller tx

[WFLY-10127] DatasourceMaxPoolAttributeTestCase and DatasourceMinPoolAttributeTestCase fails with security manager

[WFLY-7680] Lazily import transactions from remote clients

[WFLY-10146] Use superclass safe suspend/resume from lifecycle methods

[WFLY-10146] Correctly handle TM resume exceptions

[WFLY-10146] Simplify the timer rollback logic

[WFLY-10146] Add rollback-only exception to suppressed list

[WFLY-10146] Flatten transaction creation logic to one point

Eliminate lambdas from construction/registration of inherited child resource definitions.

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Eliminate lambda-based mapper definition.

Eliminate lambda-based Value definition.

Replace lambda-based dependency registration with CompositeDependency.

WFLY-10171 Use default conn_expiry_timeout for UNICAST3.

Merge pull request #11084 from panossot/WFLY-10162

[WFLY-10162] : Upgrade FasterXML Jackson from 2.9.4 to 2.9.5 .

Merge pull request #11089 from xstefank/wfly-10129

[WFLY-10129] BeanValidationEE8TestCase fails with security manager

Workaround maven properties now not being inherited introduced with WFLY-9911

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Merge pull request #11087 from stuartwdouglas/jsf-fix

Fix bug introduced in WFLY-10161

[WFLY-10129] BeanValidationEE8TestCase fails with security manager

[WFLY-10126] RemoteAsyncInvocationTestCase fails with security manager

Fix bug introduced in WFLY-10161

The merged metadata is not availble yet, the unmerged metadata should be used instead

WFLY-10172 Add support for JSR-375 EE Security

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Revert "Workaround for ISPN-8918"

This reverts commit f9267d084ad60acd81cf5b932e35978ed13aef1a.

WFLY-6634 Adapt remote cache container support for Infinispan 9.2.1

WFLY-9940 Eliminate lambdas from clustering subsystem Attribute definitions

Merge pull request #11080 from scottmarlow/WFLY-10158

WFLY-10158 upgrade eclipse.yasson to 1.0.1 to address failure while unmarshalling protected constructor

Merge pull request #11049 from jmesnil/WFLY-10069_slf4j_dependencies

[WFLY-10069] Remove all slf4j dependencies from WildFly

Merge pull request #11051 from JiriOndrusek/JBEAP-14462

[WFLY-10080] - [GSS](7.1.z) Need to handle a http post method on pic…

Merge pull request #11082 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-10161

WFLY-10161 JSF should only activate if it is required