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WFLY-6458 JavaMail 1.6 Support

WFLY-6458 JavaMail 1.6 Support

WFLY-9598 Generalize AbstractClusteringTestCase to support any cluster size * preparation to properly test DIST mode in session replication tests since with cluster size 2, all nodes own the data * remove AbstractExtendedClusteringTestCase * drop extra interface which only supplied constants

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WFLY-9598 Unify CONTAINER_* and NODE_* and fix index

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Add comment to clarify the usage of an Optional to store execution context.

[WFLY-9596] Change the journal type to NIO.

WFLY-9598 Properly name the base clustering test as AbstractClusteringTestCase

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Merge pull request #10688 from bstansberry/upcoreA4

Upgrade WildFly Core to 4.0.0.Alpha4

Add missing externalizer tests.

Add missing externalizer tests.

Add missing externalizer tests.

Optimize marshalling of AddressableNode.

Leverage generic key mapper tester.

WFLY-9449 NodeServiceServlet may hang tests instead of failing (e.g. SingletonPartitionTestCase)

WFLY-9593 Add default externalizers for InetAddress implementations and InetSocketAddress.

Validate externalization of present Optional.

Fix usage of deprecated Mockito class.

Upgrade WildFly Core to 4.0.0.Alpha4

Merge pull request #10687 from tadamski/iiop-phases-refactor

IIOP: phase names refactor

Merge pull request #10685 from pferraro/jgroups

WFLY-9584 Adding protocol with override definition to fork results in an IllegalStateException

Merge pull request #10684 from rhusar/WFLY-9583

WFLY-9583 Drop org.jboss.as.test.clustering.single.jdbcstore.Transact…

Merge pull request #10683 from fjuma/WFLY-9581

[WFLY-9581] Refactor DoctypeDeclTestCase slightly to make it more similar to other tests that execute management operations and reload the server

Merge pull request #10682 from pferraro/ejb

Restore individual EJB SessionID externalizers

Merge pull request #10667 from tadamski/WFLY-9346

[WFLY-9346] Fix JAAS JDNI binder race condition

Merge pull request #10666 from pferraro/infinispan

WFLY-9463 Deprecate jndi-name attributes of Infinispan cache-container and cache

Merge pull request #10587 from tadamski/WFLY-9414

[WFLY-9414] Expose the derived ejb max pool sizes as runtime attributes

Merge pull request #10577 from soul2zimate/WFLY-9433

[WFLY-9433] apply InfiniteOrPositiveValidators to messaging attributes allow valid value -1

[WFLY-9561] Minor testsuite refactoring so EJB and Servlet security can be defined independently of each other.

Add generic testers for KeyFormat and TwoWayKey2StringMapper implementations.

Move externalizer tester to wildfly-clustering-marshalling-api test-jar.

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