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[WFLY-2451] Adding unit test + some formatting / indentation fixes

[WFLY-2451] Adding unit test + some formatting / indentation fixes

[WFLY-2364] ensure @Pool has a value

[WFLY-2587] Don't append =true to valueless system properties

WFLY-2561: multi deployments using in-order may deadlock even if weld start service depends only on binder services

Update welcome content

[WFLY-2585] Accessing the current AccessControlContext needs to happen outside of the privileged action - otherwise the AccessControlContext is being replaced.

[WFLY-2586] Make the AddressValidator more lenient with IPv6 addresses specified the same as if they were a URL...

https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-2574 use JAVA_HOME/bin/java instead of the default java on the path

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[WFLY-2545] IronJacamar 1.1.2.Final

Fix byteman tests on windows

WFLY-2247 Add javax.transaction.api to JDBC module

WFLY-2243 adding tests for resource-adapters subsystem transformers for 7.2.0

WFLY-2231 datasources subsystem transformers for 7.2.0

[WFLY-2583] Parse run-as role lists

fix tests

[WFLY-2451] Adding integration testcase

[WFLY-2451] Adding integration testcase

[WFLY-2582] Always use webservices module classloader for building up DeploymentModelBuilder

https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-1063 Provide CLI preferences (support for variables)

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WFLY-2235 adding tests for JCA subsystem transformers for 7.2.0

WFLY-2575 Make the AppClientWrapper respect JAVA_HOME instead of just relying on the path

JBCTS-1362 Make sure that lifecycle methods are only called once

Fix issue with removing temporary files

[WFLY-2444] Include filtering data responses to wildcard requests

[WFLY-2572] OperationContext.readResourceFromRoot should throw NoSuchResourceException even when the user doesn't have 'address' perms

Fix test ordering

upgrade to jboss-parent 12

WFLY-2548 Automatically add org.wildfly.clustering.api/singleton modules to deployments Create separate org.wildfly.clustering.web.api module for @Immutable annotation - and add to classpath of web deployments

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upgrade Arquillian