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Remove arquillian from the main Wildfly code base

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Initial HTTP upgrade support for management operations

This commit adds support for multiplexing the remoting protocol over

the HTTP management port, removing the need for two seperate management


Port 9999 is now no longer present in the default config, and the

management client will attempt to connect via a HTTP upgrade by


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AS7-2203 Add Arquillian support for Managed/Remote Domain Server.

The DomainServer Container will register all ServerGroups and Servers within those groups as seperate Containers in the Arquillian Registry.

Currently only supports the Servlet 3.0 Protocol.

General usecase:

* deploy and undeploy to ServerGroups

* start and stop Servers

Domain Container


* support operations start/stop

* default container mode: suite

* configuration

* containerNameMap: used to rename the container names seen by Arquillian

* main-server-group=crm-system

* containerModeMap: used to change the container mode used by Arquillian

* host:server-one=manual

ServerGroup Containers


* support operations start/stop/deploy/undeploy

* default container mode: suite

* default container name: the server group name withing the domain

All operations on a group will be reflected onto the Server instances.

A ServerGroup is always registered as Started, which means it needs to be Stopped before Arquillian allow

the 'underlying' group to be started.

Server Containers


* support operations start/stop

* attempts to deploy/undeploy on a Server Container results in UnSupportedOpperation

* default container mode: custom

* default container name: 'host-name:server-name'

A Server is registered based on it's current state within the Domain, either Started or Stopped. The ContainerController API support cc.isStarted(name)

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