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Merge pull request #6396 from quijote/patch-1

ServletContext.getVirtualServerName always returns "localhost"

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Fix schema location rebase issue after build split

I forgot to move new schemas that were added after the initial split

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https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-2914 add cli xsd version 1.3 which is 1.2 plus vault configuration

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[WFLY-1889] The schema containing WildFly 8 specific features should be bumped to version 2.0 leaving the 1.x versions available for EAP 6

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Initial HTTP upgrade support for management operations

This commit adds support for multiplexing the remoting protocol over

the HTTP management port, removing the need for two seperate management


Port 9999 is now no longer present in the default config, and the

management client will attempt to connect via a HTTP upgrade by


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