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WFLY-11585 Access ordered LinkedHashMap not externalized correctly

Remove redundant final modifier.

Merge pull request #10381 from JiriOndrusek/WFLY-9155-optional-keystore-password

[WFLY-9155] - [Migration operation] [Web to Undertow] truststore - ke…

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Merge pull request #10640 from bstansberry/WFLY-9531_2

[WFLY-9531] Workaround WFCORE-3410. Improve handling of dynamic management model registration by resource adapter services.

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WFLY-9940 Reduce metaspace usage in wildfly-clustering-marshalling modules.

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Merge pull request #10546 from rpelisse/WFLY-8398

WFLY-8309 and scripts doesn't work on Solaris SPARC

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Merge pull request #10318 from jstourac/minorFixInFeaturePackBinShell

[WFLY-9094] Minor changes in bin/ and bin/

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Merge branch 'master' into jdk9

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Merge pull request #10750 from jbosstm/WFLY-9670

Wfly 9670 Add the subordinate orphan filters and recovery module for Narayana

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Replace Externalizer<Integer> with IntSerializer to reduce object allocations resulting from auto-boxing.

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WFLY-9613 Reduce lambda usage for use cases of BinaryKeyFormat.

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Merge pull request #10579 from ChesterSVK/WFLY-9436

WFLY-9436 Test suite misses any sort of smoke test for JSR-77 management bean availability

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WFLY-9593 Add default externalizers for InetAddress implementations and InetSocketAddress.

Validate externalization of present Optional.

Move externalizer tester to wildfly-clustering-marshalling-api test-jar.

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Merge pull request #9170 from treblereel/WFLY-6617

[WFLY-6617] Cannot inject session bean with @EJB to JSF PhaseListener

Merge pull request #10649 from mkouba/WFLY-8656

WFLY-8656: External bean archives - support all bean discovery modes.

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IndexExternalizer.INTEGER is more efficient than IndexExternalizer.VARIABLE for very large index sizes.

Add externalizers for natural and reverse order comparators.

Add externalizer for TimeUnit.

Consolidate tests for enum externalizers.

IndexExternalizerTestCase should validate that always chooses the most optimal externalizer implementation for a given power of 2.

WFLY-9544 Reduce memory footprint of wildfly-clustering-marshalling-spi by reducing object allocations for common clustering externalizers. Enumerate common externalizer instances, instead of loading new instances per cache container and per deployment. Drop separate class definitions for externalizer classes with just a constructor.

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WFLY-9497 Add externalizers for commonly used (within the context of a web session) abstract JDK classes

Validate that our externalizers actually reduce the marshalling payload.

Merge pull request #10082 from spyrkob/WFLY-8432

[WFLY-8432] Support socket-binding attribute "client-mapping" in mess…

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Merge pull request #9584 from wolfc/JBEAP-8573

JBEAP-8573: remove all ignores and assumes, OpenJDK works fine now

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Cleanup externalizer implementations.

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WFLY-8341 Custom externalizer for ZoneOffset is ignored

WFLY-8057 Nanosecond precision lost in SqlTimestampExternalizer and InstantExternalizer