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WFLY-11104 JCA distributed work manager doesn't allow to add more than one

Fix for WFLY-11641, Layers for servlet and full galleon feature-packs

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Fix for WFLY-11641, Layers for servlet and full galleon feature-packs

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[WFLY-10986] Clone the connection definitions in a synchronized block

[WFLY-10986] Clone the connection definitions in a synchronized block

[WFLY-10949] IllegalArgumentException when get jdbc driver info if xa-datasource-class is not defined

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[WFLY-10640] driver-datasource-class-name and driver-xa-datasource-class-name need to be validated when updating

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[WFLY-10857] Don't register runtime-only agroal attributes and ops on profile resources

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[WFLY-10720] Improved logging when module dependency doesn't exist

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[WFLY-10623] Eliminating usages of deprecated ServiceListener in JCA subsystem.

[WFLY-10578] Eliminating deprecated DependencyType usages from JCA subsystem.

[WFLY-9978] resource adapter sometimes fails to start when it uses legacy security-domain

[WFLY-10578] Refactoring - eliminating DependencyType enum usages in jca subsystem.

WFLY-10534 Datasource JNDI bindings are created in the root service container

[WFLY-10347] Always persist the work manager elements in xsd order

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Convert usage of deprecated CommandDispatcher API.

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[WFLY-10181] Deadlock for threads executing org.jboss.jca.adapters.jdbc.xa.XAManagedConnectionFactory.isEqual - WildFly Part

[WFLY-9987] The attribute 'driver-datasource-class-name' is missing from 'get-installed-driver' operation

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[WFLY-10110] At Connector PoolConfigurationRWHandler, handle undefined value for attributes that don't have a default value (INITIAL_POOL_SIZE and BLOCKING_TIMEOUT_WAIT_MILIS)

[WFLY-10111] Revert default attribute value for pool initial size

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WFLY-10299 Mark deployment resources as not provisioning features

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WFLY-10050 Remove unused classes

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[WFLY-9885] elytron security configuration is ignored in RA connection definition

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[WFLY-9663] MODULE attachment cannot be null anymore (after OSGi removal)

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WFLY-9628 Allow to switch to Hibernate Validator 6.0 / Bean Validation 2.0

When using -Dee8.preview.mode, the server uses the EE 8 versions of

Hibernate Validator and Bean Validation.

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[WFLY-9613] Reduce lambda usage (connector)

WFLY-8417 followup - fix use of deprecated API following merge of WFLY-9547.

WFLY-9601 upgrade version of checkstyle to latest

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WFLY-8417 Create DistributedWorkManager implementation based on WF clustering API

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Clean up IronJacamarActivationResourceService

1) Drop null checks where other code proves the ref can't be null.

2) Drop redundant if tests

3) Avoid repeated calculation of various fixed path elements and addresses

4) Avoid repeated calls to non-trivial getters; store and reuse

5) Make fields only used in the class private.

6) Clarify some submodel lookups by using a wildcard PathAddress since the expected returned MRR is the wildcard one

7) Save code space of multi OverrideDescriptionProvider impls when they are all the same.