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[WFLY-10110] At Connector PoolConfigurationRWHandler, handle undefined value for attributes that don't have a default value (INITIAL_POOL_SIZE and BLOCKING_TIMEOUT_WAIT_MILIS)

[WFLY-10111] Revert default attribute value for pool initial size

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WFLY-10299 Mark deployment resources as not provisioning features

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WFLY-10050 Remove unused classes

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[WFLY-9885] elytron security configuration is ignored in RA connection definition

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[WFLY-9663] MODULE attachment cannot be null anymore (after OSGi removal)

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WFLY-9628 Allow to switch to Hibernate Validator 6.0 / Bean Validation 2.0

When using -Dee8.preview.mode, the server uses the EE 8 versions of

Hibernate Validator and Bean Validation.

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[WFLY-9613] Reduce lambda usage (connector)

WFLY-8417 followup - fix use of deprecated API following merge of WFLY-9547.

WFLY-9601 upgrade version of checkstyle to latest

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WFLY-8417 Create DistributedWorkManager implementation based on WF clustering API

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Clean up IronJacamarActivationResourceService

1) Drop null checks where other code proves the ref can't be null.

2) Drop redundant if tests

3) Avoid repeated calculation of various fixed path elements and addresses

4) Avoid repeated calls to non-trivial getters; store and reuse

5) Make fields only used in the class private.

6) Clarify some submodel lookups by using a wildcard PathAddress since the expected returned MRR is the wildcard one

7) Save code space of multi OverrideDescriptionProvider impls when they are all the same.

[WFLY-9531] Improve handling of dynamic management model registration by resource adapter services.

1) Work around WFCORE-3410. Change MRR cleanup in IronJacamarActivationResourceService to avoid having different service instances racing to remove different bits of the MRR tree.

2) Register the fixed parts of the r-a subsystem deployment model in the Extension; only deal with the overrides in service start/stop. This prevents cases where undeploying deployment 1 results in the MRR tree being removed for deployment 2, thus resulting in loss of the ability to read stats from deployment 2.

WFLY-9388 - There should be replaced stacktrace loggings to stderr with usage of logging.

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[WFLY-9324] skip validation for drive-name in add handler

[WFLY-9281] RaRemove shouldn't add a runtime step on an HC

[WFLY-9313] Make ActivationSecurityUtil lnd DsXmlDeploymentInstallProcessor ook into all elytron-related metadata to assert if legacy security is required - that metadata consists of work manager metadata (already being checked by ActivationSecurityUtil), connection definition security metadata, and connection recovery security metadata - for Ds, that metadata includes also recovery metadata for xa data sources

[WFLY-9302] At JCA code, fix metadata class casts and add assertions at all points that elytron metadata is required

[WFLY-9291] Delete IronjacamarParser and iand related test.

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[WFLY-9190] Comment out unused logger methods

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[WFLY-9176] Don't do a recursive readResourceFromRoot to read a single resource's model

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[WFLY-9176] Don't do a recursive readResourceFromRoot to inspect the names of children

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[WFLY-8767]Changing the max-pool-size of the datasource pool should indicate a "reload required" in the CLI output

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[WFLY-9010]: Adding tests to cover domain transformers for the connectors subsystems. * Using chained transformers forth econnectors subsystems * Using ServiceLoader to register transformers.

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[WFLY-8853] Cached connection manager runtime ops are read-only

[WFLY-8974] Added missing access constraints to attributes that reference Elytron capabilities.

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WFLY-8941 JCA subsystem model version should be 5.0.0

[WFLY-8932] Misleading error message when datasource is disabled

[WFLY-8849] Describe some read-only ops as such

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[WFLY-8849] Use setRuntime() / setReadOnly() instead of using the flag

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