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Proxies must be enabled for remote servers

Recursive depth is limited to 3

Use of recursive attributes is consitent for

pre-WFLY-3705 and post-WFLY-3705 behavior

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Core split: Remove all non-core modules, add dependencies on org.wildfly.core artifacts

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Spelling fixes

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[WFLY-2864] WildFly Controller client module

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[WFLY-2773] don't translate IP address to host name in ClientConfigurationImpl

[WFLY-475] Suspend the ProtocolTimeoutHandler for the server certificate acceptance process.

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[WFLY-475] Update the CLI to supply an instance of the ProtocolTimeoutHandler to track user interactions.

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[WFLY-669] don't do a in-memory copy of the deployment content

pass saslOptions to the ModelControllerClient configuration

[WFLY-1696]/[WFLY-490] Add a --no-local-auth option on starting the CLI to switch off local authentication.

Also disable local authentication if a username is supplied on starting the CLI.

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[WFLY-490] / [WFLY-1864] Update the protocol so that servers receiving management requests from a trusted master can request a Subject to use when executing the operation.

For host controller to managed server interactions the two are always kept in sync version wise.

For master to slave communication the master must be the same version as the slave or higher i.e. a slave sending this new request will not cause an interop issue as the master must be at least a version that understands it.

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WFLY-1462 Default to remoting if port 9999 is configured

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Remove dependency on security manager module from controller client, build and runtime

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[AS7-6938] Add and deploy does not fail if runtimeName already exists [JBOSGI-613] Bundle.uninstall() may not remove it from persistent storage

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[AS7-6913] call closeAttachments after the operation completes

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[AS7-6855] Bundle revision not removed when not in use any more

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Add Wildfly security manager implementation

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Initial HTTP upgrade support for management operations

This commit adds support for multiplexing the remoting protocol over

the HTTP management port, removing the need for two seperate management


Port 9999 is now no longer present in the default config, and the

management client will attempt to connect via a HTTP upgrade by


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[AS7-6646] Cut dependency of client side libs on security-util

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Use privileged context to construct thread factories

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[AS7-6646] Factor out a common security utils module, remove a few hundred anon classes

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Fix code to comply with more strict UnusedImport rules

* don't introduce compile import dependency in case javadoc is only user of imporated class

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Remove all unused imports

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Add operation helper for the controller client.

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[AS7-5389] Second commit to 7.1 branch, fixing logging error in FilePersistentObjectStore

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Add missing copyright headers.

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AS7-5866 Move ExistingChannelModelControllerClient to controller-client

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AS7-4985 setting default-web-module from CLI add special chars in xml

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AS7-5389 Remove repetitive File.deleteOnExit() calls - only use File.deleteOnExit() as last resort after delete failed and was logged

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