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[WFLY-4945] Fix should work for resources with multiple affected attributes.

[WFLY-4945] Check operation value when confirming whether an 'add' op is authorized

[WFLY-3997] Introduce version 2.2 of the management schema and model version.

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[WFLY-3993] / [WFLY-3998] Update the model to support specifying enabled-protocols and enabled-cipher-suites for the SSL definition within the security realm.

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add missing call to registerNotifications()

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override emit(Notification)

to delegate the notification emission to the primary context

[WFCORE-28] Add Global Resource Notifications

Add the global notification handlers to all tests

that modify resources to remove the warnings about the

emitted notifications not being defined


9.x PR:

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Fix incorrect handling of recursive value and return of the 'attributes-only excludes recursive or recursive-depth' validator

Return of setAllowNull to RECURSIVE definition Code simplification in setNextRecursive

Add case "break" for cleanliness - functionality-neutral change

Code cleanup

WFLY-3705, Logic implemented according to bevavioral tables

1) Recursive decision and value propagation is isolated

2) Attribute validators changed

3) ReadResourceHandler no longer manipulates its own validators, but uses the ones in the definition

4) ReadResourceDescriptionHandler had yet another version of recursion logic - fix that one as well

5) Update testsuite to check for, hopefully, all conditions

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[WFLY-266] Notification support

* Refactor the registry for the notification handlers by splitting the map

into path segments to mitigate the o(n) cost.

* Rename the registry to NotificationHandlerRegistry and move it to the package (leveraging the

AtomicFieldUdpated of the package too)


9.x PR:

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Remove unnecessary if branch - rrOp object is empty anyway

Add another recursive handling piece of logic to try to make this work

WFLY-3705 read-resource recursive-depth has no effect

[WFCORE-28] Add global resource notifications

Runtime attributes does not store their values in the resource models

and their read handler must be called before and after their write

handler to get the old and new value of the attribute.


9.x PR:

[WFCORE-28] Add Global Resource Notifications

* add global notifications for resources:

* resource-added when a resource is added to the management model

* resource-removed when a resource is removed from the management


* attribute-value-written for resources that allow to write

attributes when an attribute value is successfully changed.

This notification contains a data set composed of:

* name - the name of the attribute that has been changed

* old-value - the value of the attribute before it was changed

* new-value - the value of the attribute after it was changed

The old-value and new-value are *not* resolved (an attribute that is

undefined and has a default value will return "undefined" as its



9.x PR:

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[WFLY-1857] Deprecate ConstrainedResourceDefinition

[WFLY-266] Notification Support

* add notifications to AS7 resources description

notifications are described in :read-resource-description operation if

the notifications boolean is true

* NotificationDefinition let any resources describe the notifications

they can emit by registering them in the ManagementResourceRegistration

* add NotificationRegistry (exposed by the ModelController) to

register/unregister notification handlers

* add NotificationSupport to emit notifications during a managemenet

operations (through OperationContext.emit(Notification))

Notifications emitted by OperationContext.emit(Notification) are

effectively sent at the end of the operation execution if it is

successful. This ensure that the order of notifications emitted by a

single OperationContext will be received in the same order (unless they

are emitted during the ResultHandler execuion).

If the NotificationSupport is created with an ExecutorService, the

delivery of notifications is non-blocking and will not block the

remaining code path of the operation execution.


9.x PR:

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Core split: Remove all non-core modules, add dependencies on org.wildfly.core artifacts

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Merge pull request #5681 from emuckenhuber/WFLY-547

[WFLY-547] track uncleanly unregistered slave hosts

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WFLY-3478 fixing mask verification

WFLY-3478 fixing mask verification

[WFLY-3090] Ensure the latch gets counted down

Add missing space in message

Merge pull request #6361 from pferraro/web

WFLY-3465 Using Infinispan eviction manager can cause ConcurrentModificationException during web session access

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[WFLY-3162] Add reconnect timeout and logic to syslog tcp and tls protocols

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[WFLY-3477] Add support for specifying if the original connection is preferred or not for group to principal based searches.

Update the related test case to make use of this.

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Remove 7.1.x legacy models