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add missing call to registerNotifications()

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Core split: Remove all non-core modules, add dependencies on org.wildfly.core artifacts

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Revert "Revert "Merge pull request #6237 from bstansberry/WFLY-2741-3058""

This reverts commit 1acc7ae0673749547845f290bb7bab1967dbd71e.

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Revert "Merge pull request #6237 from bstansberry/WFLY-2741-3058"

This reverts commit 56df5721bb734de8938f0024ab4865ae9b35d487, reversing

changes made to d2d25ce1e497e5522bfcf73aca0084e96fa2088a.

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[WFLY-3304] Fix fetching domain config from master in --admin-only mode

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More fine-grained validation of operations in subsystem-test

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[WFLY-3118] Add module to core model vault

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[WFLY-3058] Expose actively executing mgmt ops as management resources

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[WFLY-1904] Support deferring system property expressions until after vault is installed

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[WFLY-2870] Support separate 'secure-interface' configuration on Host Controller http-interface

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Spelling fixes

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[WFLY-547] track uncleanly unregistered slave hosts

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[WFLY-2185] Only create one childfirst classloader per old version in core-model transformers tests to a) optimize b) avoid PermGen issues

Previously a child first class loader was created for every single test method/old version combination, causing occasional PermGen problems with tests containing many test methods

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[WFLY-2279] Fix memory leak causing ChildFirstClassLoaders to not get collected

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[WFLY-2279] Ability to specify that we should use the eap repository to download artifacts

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[WFLY-2279] Use org.junit.Assume to be able to conditionally ignore transformers tests against a legacy EAP version, if not on the VPN

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[WFLY-2185][WFLY-2173] Set up core-model-test for 7.2.0 legacy controller, and some fixes to subsystem-test to get ready for 7.2.0 testing

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[WFLY-490] / [WFLY-1820] Record and report where sensitivity and application constraints are used

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[WFLY-430] / [WFLY-490] Update the whoami operation so that it outputs the mapped roles for the current user if verbose=true and the current access control provider supports role mapping.

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[WFLY-1927] Remove unnecessary File.mkdir() calls

[WFLY-456] Audit Logging - squashed the below commits since master has changed so much

[WFLY-456] Minor OperationContext impl cleanups

[WFLY-456] Bring in John Bailey's audit log classes

[WFLY-456] Add real audit loggers into the model controllers; integrate management handlers

[WFLY-456] Log the full set of information

[WFLY-456] Fix problems from rebase

[WFLY-456] Use SecurityContext when invoking JMX methods via remoting

[WFLY-456] Move core security classes into own module

[WFLY-456] Rework things and make the controller logger work

[WFLY-456] Include the access mechanism in the log, move some more classes to core-security

[WFLY-456] Make audit logger available to JMX

[WFLY-456] Pluggable MBeanServer delegate to audit logger, and loads of exception handling

[WFLY-456] Jmx audit log proxy

[WFLY-456] Separate the configuration for the core controller and jmx audit logs

[WFLY-456] Set the booting flag in the jmx layer

[WFLY-456] Integrate audit logging resource and ops into JMX extension so it can be configured there

[WFLY-456] Correct copyright notices in my new files

[WFLY-456] fix problems from rebase

[WFLY-456] Get rid of the original hashing implementation

[WFLY-456] Add missing originalResultTxControl from rebase

[WFLY-456] Add config for appenders

[WFLY-456] Basic file appender and json formatter. The output needs cleaning up and everything is currently hardcoded

[WFLY-456] Back up the previous log file. Basic syslog appender (awaiting the improved logmanager SyslogHandler)

[WFLY-456] Use the org.wildfly:wildfly-xxx names. Start configuring file appenders

[WFLY-456] Configure model for syslog appender

[WFLY-456] Log audit log records for ParallelBootOperationContext and ReadOnlyContext

[WFLY-456] Make whether to log on boot configurable

[WFLY-456] Be able to add/remove appender references at runtime and update the appenders at runtime

[WFLY-456] Add boot-log to jmx audit-log as well and update xsd's for both core and jmx

[WFLY-456] Make additive changes to appenders take effect right away, and delay changes/removals until the current audit record has been written

[WFLY-456] Add schema support and parsing for managed server path overrides, and clean up the handlers

[WFLY-456] Use 'handler' rather than 'appender'

[WFLY-456] Pass in audit log operations to managed servers on boot

[WFLY-456] Separate handler chains for host and managed server audit logs

[WFLY-456] i18n and get rid of code no longer needed

[WFLY-456] Fix problems from rebase, revisit security after moved WildFlySecurityManager

[WFLY-456] Flesh out the syslog handler, tried with UDP

[WFLY-456] Start testing the handlers and ops

[WFLY-456] Set up proper syslog host and app names

[WFLY-456] More tests

[WFLY-456] Complete renaming appender->handler. Really

[WFLY-456] Nicer separate configuration for JMX

[WFLY-456] Better testing for enabled and log-read-only audit log write attribute handlers

[WFLY-456] Separate handlers for JMX subsystem audit logging, and tests

[WFLY-456] Maintan a failure count per appender

[WFLY-456] Configure the json formatter and reference from the audit log handlers

Expose 'max-length' and 'truncate' for the syslog handler

[WFLY-456] Make audit logging work in admin-only mode

Fix bug not enabling the appender in domain mode

[WFLY-456] Fixes to tls syslog handler having tried it out against rsyslog

[WFLY-456] don't enable log by default

[WFLY-456] Test jmx audit log transformation

[WFLY-456] Test audit logging in testsuite

[WFLY-456] Move new i18n bits into domain-management, rather than using the ones from controller

[WFLY-456] Recycle handler operation, make max-failure-count configurable per handler, expose runtime attributes for handler failure counts

[WFLY-456] Use strings instead of byte[] for the formatters for now. We can revisit the byte[] part if more tamper detecting formatters are used in the future

[WFLY-456] Use platform independent line terminator

[WFLY-456] Changes to work with latest logmanager following a squash

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[WFLY-490] Move all access control related resource definitions to core-service=management/access=authorization

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[WFLY-490] Wiring in a configurable access control system Add scoped role configuration

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[WFLY-490] Update the hierarchy for access control constraints Add the 'AccessControlResourceDefintion' ready for children to be added to it. Add the <access-control /> wrapper element to the XML handling. Move the 'application-type' portion of the model under 'access-control'. Move vault-expression to core-service=access-control/constraint=vault-expression Move the sensitivity classifications to core-service=access-control/constraint=sensitivity-classification Remove previous registrations now all moved under core-service=access-control. Update the XML marshalling based on the modified hierarchy.

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[WFLY-490] Configure the sensitivity constraints, vault expressions sensitivity and application types

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resteasy bump and integration updates

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fix JBoss AS/WildFly Maven GAV for subsystem tests

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Fix version value for core-model tests for 7.2.0.Final, to work in IDEs

[AS7-947] add operation id updater

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[AS7-6808] Auto ignore irrelevant domain resources on slave

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