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[WFLY-3997] Introduce version 2.2 of the management schema and model version.

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[WFLY-3993] / [WFLY-3998] Add example configurations to test to verify parsing and marshalling.

Core split: Remove all non-core modules, add dependencies on org.wildfly.core artifacts

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Fix core model tests when running with clean maven repo

[WFLY-3055] Correct and test the transformers

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[WFLY-3269] : Making force attribute optional with default value 'false' as it is defined in the XSD.

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[WFLY-3162] Add reconnect timeout and logic to syslog tcp and tls protocols

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[WFLY-3477] Add support for specifying if the original connection is preferred or not for group to principal based searches.

Update the related test case to make use of this.

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use .set(new ValueExpression()) instead of deprecated .setExpression()

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[WFLY-3305] : :deploy after :undeploy is broken Fixing issue by updating the marker files for the scanner using the runtime status from the ScannerContext. Logging a message in case the deployment managed by the scanner was updated through another management tool. Don't touch the undeployed flag if the deployment is persistent. Fix issue with persistent flag not being changed during replacement. Enabling deployment when replacing from the scanner.

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[WFLY-3072] Adding support for LDAP referral handling, initial changes to add support for this in the connections.

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[WFLY-3048] Update the default configuration including tests so that group loading is switched off where the local authentication mechanism is used.

Note: Existing configs that would be loading group information for local authentication users will continue to load groups after their configuration is updated.

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[WFLY-2951] Move the schema version used by the tests back to 2.1

[WFLY-3118] Add module to core model vault

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[WFLY-1904] Support deferring system property expressions until after vault is installed

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[WFLY-2951] Minor fix to the XML parsing and some additional tests to test parsing and marshalling the configuration.

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WFLY-3007 : All calls to InetAddress.getHostName() are wrapped in NetworkUtils to canonize IPv6 addresses.

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[WFLY-2870] Support separate 'secure-interface' configuration on Host Controller http-interface

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[WFLY-2943] Add version 3 of the "urn:jboss:domain:x.x" schema.

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[WFLY-2903] Add version 2.1 of the domain management schema.

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[WFLY-2864] WildFly Controller module

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[WFLY-2747][WFLY-2754] Make audit log facility and appName configurable in the management API

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[WFLY-2633] Correct validation of duplicate runtime names

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[WFLY-2185] Only create one childfirst classloader per old version in core-model transformers tests to a) optimize b) avoid PermGen issues

Previously a child first class loader was created for every single test method/old version combination, causing occasional PermGen problems with tests containing many test methods

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[WFLY-2214] Also add properties to configuration used to test the model.

[WFLY-2279] Explicitely turn on the transformers tests for eap using -Djboss.test.transformers.eap

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[WFLY-490] / [WFLY-2270] Adding a check that the role name is actually a valid role name.

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[WFLY-2279] Test core model tests against previous EAP versions

[WFLY-2185][WFLY-2173] Reenable tests commented out by mistake

[WFLY-2185][WFLY-2173] Set up core-model-test for 7.2.0 legacy controller, and some fixes to subsystem-test to get ready for 7.2.0 testing

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