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[WFLY-3997] Introduce version 2.2 of the management schema and model version.

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[WFLY-3993] / [WFLY-3998] Add example configurations to test to verify parsing and marshalling.

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Core split: Remove all non-core modules, add dependencies on org.wildfly.core artifacts

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[WFLY-3048] Update the default configuration including tests so that group loading is switched off where the local authentication mechanism is used.

Note: Existing configs that would be loading group information for local authentication users will continue to load groups after their configuration is updated.

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[WFLY-2951] Move the schema version used by the tests back to 2.1

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[WFLY-2951] Minor fix to the XML parsing and some additional tests to test parsing and marshalling the configuration.

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[WFLY-2943] Add version 3 of the "urn:jboss:domain:x.x" schema.

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