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Core split: Remove all non-core modules, add dependencies on org.wildfly.core artifacts

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Merge pull request #6265 from jamezp/WFLY-3255-b

[WFLY-3255] Fix the value-type description for the SimpleListAttributeDefinition.

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Merge pull request #6227 from ramsrib/master

[WFLY-2921] Update the test case to include unresolved address scenario

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Merge pull request #6190 from ctomc/mem-leak

Small memory/easier gc related fixes

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[WFLY-3305] : :deploy after :undeploy is broken Fixing issue by updating the marker files for the scanner using the runtime status from the ScannerContext. Logging a message in case the deployment managed by the scanner was updated through another management tool. Don't touch the undeployed flag if the deployment is persistent. Fix issue with persistent flag not being changed during replacement. Enabling deployment when replacing from the scanner.

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[WFLY-3276] Misc fix: exception is constructed but not thrown

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Cleanup shipped config

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[WFLY-3198] : Reenabling an application prevents it from deployement after a restart When enabling an undeployed application through the console, remove existing undeployed marker file.

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Spelling fixes

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[WFLY-2864] WildFly Deployment Scanner module

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Update to WildFly Security Manager 1.0.0.Final

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[WFLY-364] update testcase and bump version to 2.0

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[WFLY-364] enable rollback-on-rutime-failure for deployments by default

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Minor typo fix: mayfind -> may find

[WFLY-1305] After boot-time deployment failure, replace wrong file marker and remove wrong deployment.

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[WFLY-1879] Better exception handling when File.listFiles() fails

[WFLY-490] An update to the FileSystemDeploymentService to check the result of the composite operation before attempting to access individual results.

Additional changes will be required in this are for access control to allow deployments from an in-vm process - however code calling a composite operation should at least be able to cope with it not succeeding.

Add Wildfly security manager implementation

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Use privileged context to construct thread factories

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AS7-6038, Remove unused DeploymentScanner's bootTimeScan method

Remove all unused imports

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Fix message

[AS7-6334] Nicer error message if attempt to use deployment-scanner in domain mode

AS7-6206 Deprecate AbstractWriteAttributeHandler constructor variants not based on AttributeDefinition

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AS7-5978 Use ModelControllerClient.executeAsync() for asynchronous deployment-scanner operations

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Add missing copyright headers.

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AS7-5484 Add wab and esa to list of archive types the scanner detects

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AS7-4832 Store .undeployed marker in the correct directory

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[AS7-5390] Add resolve-path operation for relative-to paths.

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AS7-5716 Improve deployment failure logging

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